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Deathwish by Rob Thurman
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Oct 31, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: 2010, supernatural
Read from October 28 to 31, 2010

"I hated logic. It was never on my side."

Premise: The 4th Cal Leandros book

Viewpoint: Cal has always been the narrator in the past and that's hands down the best thing about the series. Here he shares duties with big bro Niko. Its nice to get a look inside Nik's head after hearing so much of him through Cal (The real thoughts, not just Cal's guesses). But whereas Cal's voice is very distinct Nik's is a bit bland. Cals narative snark does come through as Nik quotes him/talks about him. As much as i loved that glimpse i always wanted Cal back. It does though ramp the emotion up with both brothers coming at you from separate angles and turns some parts into a complete sobfest (Eg "You go first"/"Nik? You're not afraid, then? Of me?"). A nice experiment but not something i'd want forevermore.

Story: There are two plot points going on here. (1) The Auphe, they want Cal (again) for sinister reasons. (2) Cherish and her hunter. These two plots both seem to want to take the backseat to the other. But they both explode (ha pun) in spectacular form come the end.

Characters: The same whiny, bitching, dark and sarcastic Cal as ever - and I love him. Four books in and he's still complex and honest, funny but really dark. His Auphe in him still haunts him and is fighting for control.
Nik, given a voice in this shines through more than ever before. He's pushed to the edge, over the edge and we see exactly how much it takes for him to loose control (Of course it would our fav tight lipped pain in the arse).
Promise: This is her book in the same way that 'Madhouse' was Robin's. Promise has a secret. One that threatens to rip her and Nik apart. I do like her but she keeps pushing at Cal and she won't be around much longer if she does.
Robin: Not really Robin's book, but the insatiable Puck still has some brilliant one liners and a new cat.

Overall: Love it. Love the whiny angst (wangst lol). Love the darkness in Cal. Love the brotherly love and resulting sobfest. Love the starwars quotes, fish sticks and cartoons, cover-up tattoos (I'd forgotten about that, oh Alice you were brilliantly evil).

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9.0% "Ah Nik you make me wanna cry with your brotherly love. Was anxy about changing narrators but Nik keeps quoting Cal's sarcasm"
28.0% "Highlighting quotes may not be the best idea, my kindle memory is only so big. Love it!! (And there are starwars quotes, everything is better with starwars quotes fact)"
10/30/2010 page 138
41.0% "True fact courtesy of cal: "they say nurses can wipe a patients arse with one hand and eat a sandwich with the other." Not that i would mind you"
10/31/2010 page 255
76.0% ""You go first." way to make me sob nik"
10/31/2010 page 256
76.0% ""Together." way to go cal, you just tipped me right over"

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