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The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
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Oct 03, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011, fantasy, series-firsts
Read from September 24 to October 03, 2011

I really enjoyed parts of this book but I think it would have benefited so much from a good tight editing. I know the fashion nowadays is towards long novels - this could have lost 100-200 pages to make the story tighter, stronger and more enjoyable

The magic system is interesting. I like the very strong set of rules it has. The world as well has some nice touches - cultures, dialects and legends

Vin, the main character started off incredibly boring, I guess that was the point - for her to be oppressed and timid, then grow under Kelsier's tutelage. Luckily there was Kelsier who shone on every page he appeared, completely stealing the show

Vin certainly grew and became more interesting as she realised she didn't have to be downtrodden but Kell was the heart and soul of this book. Everything interesting revolved around him. I simply loved their relationship, the almost father daughter thing they had going on (view spoiler) He's a hero with an incredible strength of character, a rogue who inspired the world to change, though makes numerous mistakes due to his risk taking. I cannot praise him enough. My god some of his speeches made me want to rebel against a nonexistant dark lord. (view spoiler)

The rest of the crew were interesting in their smallish parts and I liked the sense of community Vin got from them, the family she'd been lacking

Elend appears on the scene and you just have to think - he's going to turn out evil, but his character is so appealing - snarky guys that read books at parties

The bad guy had a real sense of being all powerful and unbeatable - great. The inquisitors also fantastic villains - with those spikes!

The ending was just brilliant! I liked the way everything came together and the characters were pushed past their limits, making sacrifices, finding faith in each other and fighting even though they thought they were doomed

Which leads me to the books biggest problem - that it's the first of a trilogy. And with everything that happened at the end of this book I worry about the next two. The end of this one was fantastic - if it were a stand alone (and I'm tempted to pretend it is - there's enough closure for it to be, almost) (view spoiler)

"There's always another secret"

(view spoiler)

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Reading Progress

09/24/2011 page 245
38.0% "Kell, love ya, mainly because in my head you sound like Balthier and look like Howl"
10/02/2011 page 396
62.0% "gee Im thinking like Vin and am liking Elend, still bet he turns out evil though"
10/02/2011 page 447
70.0% "Oh Kell, I have a feeling you're going to do something incredibly stupid by the end of this"
10/03/2011 page 538
84.0% "Loving there's a new POV!"
10/03/2011 page 607
94.0% "The only reason I'm not a complete snivelling mess right now is because I knew that was going to happen, martyrdom was very much the next part of his character. The series just lost it's best part and I'm rather worried about how it's going to hold up from now on"

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