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Bounce by Natasha Friend
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Oct 15, 10

Read in October, 2010

** spoiler alert ** So Evyn is a teenager who lives with her dad who goes by Birdie, but his real name is Albert, and her brother who goes by Mack, but his real name is Mackey in Portland, Maine. Evyn is 13 years old and Mack is 15 years old. Evyn and Mack’s mom died in a car accident when Evyn was only 3 years of age. Evyn being a teenager girl and all, really needs her mom at this point. Up until now Birdie could fill in doing the usual uneven pig tales, and un matching clothes. But one thing he can’t help her with is the changes her body goes through as a teenager. Well Evyn’s dad just found somebody to be a mother figure in hers and Mack’s lives, her name is Eleni Gartos.
Eleni lives in Boston and is Greek. Eleni has six children. Two girls are twins and they’re names are Clio and Cassandra, they are 15 years of age just like Mack. Then there is two other girls one being the oldest of the girls and the other being the youngest of the girls. Thalia is the oldest and Phoebe is only six years of age. She also has two boys, Ajax who is thirteen years of age and Linus who is nineteen years of age. Linus is in collage and has his own dorm.
Well it all starts at dinner one night, Birdie drops a bomb, he wants Evyn and Mack to move to Boston with him and Eleni’s family. Evyn doesn’t take it very well, Mack on the other hand just wants more food. My opinion is that it isn’t Evyn’s fault that she didn’t take it well. She is a girl with feelings and emotions that show. He is just expecting her to move to a new house with a new family in a new town with new people and go to a new school, isn’t that a little much to ask from a girl?
Evyn likes to talk to her mom, and yes im aware she is dead. She talks to her as if she was right here with her. She calls her Stella, and that’s who she gets all of her advice from. But there comes a point when Evyn don’t hear Stella anymore, and then she is completely on her own. She feels very lonely when Stella stops talking to her. She cant stand her new family, or what Birdie has turned into. She has noticed a lot of changes in him after they moved.
This book tells an amazing story. My favorite part was when Linus comes to pick Evyn up from running away because she is so in love with him. While he is talking its like she doesn’t even hear the words. He even lets her stay the night with him in his dorm and that’s when she finds out he has a girl friend. My least favorite part was when Birdie first told Evyn and Mack about Eleni because I would HATE getting told something like that over dinner! My dad has always talked a lot about it before making a big desion like that expecially without asking me and my brother how we felt about it.
I do recommend this book to you. Natasha Friend is one of my favorite Authors. If you are into the whole teenage girl drama thing then this book is for you. Or maybe you can relate to it some how like me. I loved it!
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