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Divergent by Veronica Roth
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Jan 25, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** This book was just as good as The Hunger Games! Just because it was as good doesn't mean that this is just like The Hunger Games. Both books have factions and that's where the similarity ends. I just thought I would throw that out there as there seems to be a lot of people saying this is just like The Hunger Games.A lot of people compare Twilight to every ya paranormal romance, and now they compare every dystopian novel to The Hunger Games it seems.
Obviously I am blown away by this book, but I did have some problems with it. I have to first admit that I do have a lot of distractions while I'm reading as I am a single mother. I either missed something, or it really is confusing...Beatrice and her brother both have simulation exams (or whatever they are called) on the same day, but I thought this was for all children of each faction at the age of sixteen. My confusion is, why did her brother not do his the year before? So if you happen to read my review and know the answer leave me a comment. The only other problem I had with this book is getting a clear image of Beatrice. This could be from my own inability to imagine someone I'm reading about as ugly, because though I hate to admit it I like my characters pretty. Ok, so she was plain, but that's not working for me either. I imagined her as looking like Avril Levigne for quite some time, but then I got more used to the idea of her as looking plain, but for some reason she had a bit of a bulbous nose towards the tip in my minds eye. Anyway it just drove me crazy. Another problem was her short stature. I understand she was short, but being to short to kick someone who is holding you in their arms? Also if she's so short how could all these people rest their heads on her shoulder? If you could have seen how funny the other characters looked when resting their heads on little Beatrices shoulder in the image my brain gave me you would have had a problem with it too. These are small yet bothersome problems, but it wasn't enough to not make this book fit right into my favorites shelf!
***********************Spoilers Below*****************************

Please don't read past this point if you have not read the book. This is nothing but spoilers, and it's to help me be able to pick up right where I left off when I read the next book to this trilogy.

There are five factions, each one representing and living by a certain virtue. Beatrice lives with her mother, father, and brother in the Abnegation faction where they live their lives by the virtue of being selfless. Beatrice feels bored with this lifestyle, and she also knows she's not perfectly selfless. Now that she is sixteen her chance to belong to another faction is at hand. She along with her brother and all the other children who are sixteen are going to the simulations testing and will then be given a few factions to choose from as an option for their new home. She's nervous about her upcoming assessment, and she has great reason to be. Her results are not at all what she expected, she's Divergent. Being Divergent means she has the ability to know that she's in a simulation, and it also makes it hard to her to fit into one faction completely.
On the day of the choosing ceremony she surprises even herself by choosing to become Dauntless. After the choosing she is imdiately taken from her family and the life she has always known straight to a rigorous intiation. She must be one of the top ten while hiding her dangerous secret about being Divergent. If she fails in this she will either be factionless, or worse dead.
Over time Beatrice who has shortened her name to Tris forms a strong romantic bond with her one of her instructors who's name os Four. Four does his best to protect Tris's secret because like her he is also Divergent. The training is harsh, and brutal. At times it seems impossible to keep going and not everyone can make the cut. Luckily, or not so luckily Tris makes the cut as number one.
After the final initiation when each initiate has passed their fears all at once Tris is injected with what she is told is a tracking device, but it's true nature is shown that night. The Erudite, the faction for intelligence has been planning to overthrow the Abnegation who govern over each faction because of their selfless nature. The so called tracking device turns out to be a mind controll substance just like what they use in the simulations.
Tris awakes to find her fellow initiates getting dressed, and leaving. When she tried to get their attention she realises they are being controlled by the shot she was given earlier, and follows them trying to look as though she too is under the mind control. Once outside she finds Four who is also acting like he is under the same mind control.
Tris, and Four almost had everyone convinced until Eric one of the ruthless initiate instructors of the Dauntless decided he wanted to shoot Four. Tris couldn't just stand by and let this happen, so she acted by shooting Eric in the arm. Tris and Four run as far as they can, but then Tris is shot in the shoulder, and they are captured.
Jeanine the mastermind behind the conflict who is a leader of the Erudite, and creator of the simulation serums injects Four with a new serum that she believes will finally work on Divergents so she can also control them. He forgets who Tris is and sees her as an enemy. After being attacked by Four Tris is then placed in a tank that's about to bring one of her fears to life by drowning her alive. Unexpectedly her mother comes to her rescue.
While Tris and her mother are making their getaway her mother is shot and killed. Eventually Tris meets back up with Four in the control room back at the Dauntless headquarters. She has lost her parents by this point, and is travelling with two of her enemys Peter (who attacked her), and Four's dad who abused him.
Four finally breaks free of the mind control serum. Together him and Tris stop the simulation and take the simulation data. They are now on a train heading for Amity Headquarters where they can find safety for a short time. Four's (Tobias is his real name) dad Marcus looks greedily at the simulation data when Tris takes it out of her pocket, so who knows what his plans are?!?
Tris's world has fallen apart and she now has no faction, no place to call home, and the war has just startet.

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