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Dear Sir, I'm Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart
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Oct 14, 2010

did not like it
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I bought this book because I was craving a "forbidden" relationship kind of story. After reading the blurb for DEAR SIR, I'M YOURS, I thought this would be the perfect remedy.

Overall, I ended up being disappointed with this read.

The conflict was not convincing enough for me. Perhaps it is because I am just not buying how traumatized Rae was after being spanked. She says she's worried because she thinks she can't say no to Conn, yet she runs off and marries an abusive asshole. The two were clearly still infatuated, because both admit to constantly thinking about the other during the five year absence, so why didn't Conn hunt Rae down during those five years? There were too many unanswered questions and the problems in the story seemed to be overly exaggerated.

The sex wasn't very... interesting. I didn't care when it happened, and I thought it should have happened more since the plot wasn't developed enough. Rae went from one extreme to the other, which ended up exasperating me. For the first chapter or two in the story, she was terrified of Conn. She secretly fantasized about him, but I felt like she was going to have a panic attack at any moment while she was at his grandmother's house. Then when Conn finally finds her (and that meeting was just weird), she struggles, then all the fight leaves her and she's ready to have sex with him. Then we have to deal with plenty of moments where Conn says "No, you're not ready." If a guy said that to me, I would have told him to go fuck himself. I know when I'm ready. But Rae just followed him like some lost puppy dog and obeyed everything he said.

I could not relate with any of the characters. Conn, I think, was the most normal and sympathetic one in this story. His granny was batshit crazy (and I'm not buying how she always knew everything and how she would be so nosy), and Rae became way too annoying after a while. I'm sorry, but I cannot buy how a college girl would be so traumatized after being spanked. It just... did not make sense whatsoever; especially when she was so attracted to this professor and pursued him all semester. Then her excuses about how she didn't think she could say no made her come off as a spineless neanderthal.

What finally made me throw my hands up in the air with this story was how easily Rae had orgasms... despite her fears. Some women, who are in happy and healthy relationships have problems having orgasms. Some women who are even slightly unhappy usually get distracted and have even more issues. Some do not ever have orgasms in their sexual relationships at all. And yet... Rae had an orgasm when Conn sucked on her fingers, from an intense make-out session, and then she said she'd have an orgasm just from having Conn staring at her. This is all while she's teeter tottering from one extreme -- freaking the hell out over Conn -- to the other -- wanting to fuck him like a freakin' lunatic.

I would love to meet any woman who can have an orgasm from being looked at, making out, or having her thumb being sucked on. Until I meet someone who truly can... I'm not buying it.

What also annoyed me was the fact that Rae constantly brought up her ex-husband... even while she was being intimate with Conn. I honestly don't know what Conn saw in her.

I really tried to be open minded about this story. I wanted to like it, but as the story progressed, I lost more and more interest. Some may like this story. Some, like me, won't.
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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly If your looking for a good "forbidden" read check out Shiloh Walker's Chains

Torzilla Thanks for the suggestion. Next time I'm in the mood for one, I'll check that title out :)

message 3: by Ollie (new) - added it

Ollie I'm REALLY TRYING to read this book but I am finding the same problem as you did. THEY NEVER HAD A RELATIONSHIP just flirting during the semester and she runs off after the spanking and fantasizes about him for FIVE years. Compares her husband at the time to him BASED ON WHAT?! Then they meet up and she confesses that she loved him all these years and HE DOES TOO!? They talk about too many demands, too many mistakes?!? THEY HAD ONE ENCOUNTER AND IT WASN'T EVEN SEX! It just doesn't add up. I'm trying really hard, trying to see if it gets better but I may have to give up on this one if it doesn't get better and that has only happened with one other book for me. I really hate giving up on a book. :(

Torzilla Sometimes you just have to :/ I had to reread my review to remember what the book was about, and the second I did, I got a headache again -_-'

Honestly, reading should be fun. If a book is driving you that crazy, it's not worth reading. There are plenty out there that will be more enjoyable :)

message 5: by Ollie (new) - added it

Ollie Tori [Book Faery] wrote: "Sometimes you just have to :/ I had to reread my review to remember what the book was about, and the second I did, I got a headache again -_-'

Honestly, reading should be fun. If a book is drivin..."

Hi Tori!

I agree I just don't see this book going any where just down the road to aggravation. No biggie my TBR pile is big enough to keep me busy for the year LOL. :)

Amy *Rawr* oh you got the ebook? can i borrow it?

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