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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
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Jan 14, 2016

it was ok
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Recommended to Anzu by: Aly is so frigging bored
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Read on January 14, 2016 , read count: 1

The Darkest Night is a fun introduction to a new series (for me at least) that goes around demons, crazy people, violence, hot drooly (yes, I mean it as drool-y - it should be a word, it’s awesome) sex and extreme redecorating. But we all love crazy people don’t we? And violence. And sex. And hotties. Beats the hell out of watching Animal Planet.

Even though the book was a great read I found many problems regarding it. It stars with the typical PNR problem: the ease with which they hooked up. I’d like some more obstacles please! Then there’s the true love conquers all problem. They’ve known each other for a few days so true love is out of the question. What is it then? Lust? Desperation? Drugs? Noodles? You tell me.

I didn’t like Ashlyn because she is too dependent. First Macintosh* (lol) whatever his name and then Maddox. Plus she was always taking things too lightly. First Maddox has sex with her and then locks her up because he has stuff to do. What’s her reaction? She gets a wee bit angry and then says to herself "Meh, still want him, he’s hot". Not cool. And after being his captive she still falls for him. While this is a classic move for most romance novels, I have to admit that I don’t agree with it. You simply don’t fall for the assh*le who’s keeping you prisoner unless you’re into BDSM or something. Plus he’s a demon and he’s violent and creepy. He may be hot but still, come on! Exaggerated much?

Maddox is… special. Even though he has a wall punching problem, tends to destroy most things around him and is a serial killer, he’s pretty cool. I mean how often do you find a guy who knows how to repair stuff? And he’s hot. I mean duh! It’s PNR we’re talking about! Duh! And he like has powers and stuff. And he like kills people. And has a tattoo. I mean awesome, dude!

I’ve always wanted to be in the mind of a psychopath, there’s a certain depth to life in there. Let’s take some examples, shall we?

First there’s a typical “problem” between a husband and his wife.

Then there are some kids thrown along the way.

And finally the moments when you just sit back and relax.

(I could do this all day!) Yep. A pretty high chance of all this happening to the person marrying this guy.

Probably Maddox is like this because of sexual frustration. Once he gets laid properly his demon goes back to sleep.

Anyboob, the final score is 3.5 or 3.25 or 3.19999999999999. But that’s beside the point. The Darkest Night is a nice intro to what seems like a good series but it lacked action. As you know the action-eating monster living inside me needs to be fed so it wasn’t totally happy with the situation. Just one location and few to none proper action scenes don’t make a fun story. These warriors have potential so put ‘em to good use! Aaaaaaaaand it was a bit cheesy.

That’s it!

~The End~

P.S. A wise man once said: ”A butterfly tattoo on a guy can never be fierce. It can only be gay!”

* Macintosh - a series of PCs designed, developed, and marketed by Apple

1st read: 5th - 7th Nov 2011
2nd read: Jan 2016
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Dija Need updates!

Anzu The Great Destroyer I didn't have time!! Tonight I will spam everyone with my updates!

Dija I look forward to it. :D

Anzu The Great Destroyer Ugh Dee again you left me alone with this *sigh*

Dija What do you mean? Aly's read it too, right?

Anzu The Great Destroyer Yeah 2 times now :)))

Aly is so frigging bored And she liked it more the 2nd time around :D

MISS VAIN What are you thinking of this Anzu??

Anzu The Great Destroyer Aly's perverted personality makes her love all the sex in the book and Maddox's buttocks!

Alkyoni I bet my Hush, Hush hardcover that you'll like the next one though. It's true that I've been trying to get rid of it for months, but seriously, I think you'll like it.

message 11: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer Alkyoni, two - actually three questions:

1. What makes you say so?

2. You didn't like it?

3. Is Hush, Hush good?

:D <- smiley face so I wouldn't seem aggressive :p

MISS VAIN Anzu wrote: "Aly's perverted personality makes her love all the sex in the book and Maddox's buttocks!"

Probably so!!! Wait until you read the next book there's hot sex scenes without actual sex! It was hotter than the first book....wonder what Aly thought of the sexual scenes without sex?

Alkyoni 1. You liked Zsadist in the BDB series, and Anya is awesome.

2. The first LotU was ok, the second one was very good.

3. Hush, Hush is excellent for keeping papers on your desk while the window is open. I'm currently using it to hold the kitchen door open. It works pretty well there too.

Mrs.Vishous-Kattalakis-Belikov :::Para Itch Reviews::: Theres more action in the other books and the villians get way more villiany(u know what i mean...LOL) And butterfly tatoos can be sexy especially if u get to lick it....

Aly is so frigging bored I can't believe that you people say that I am perverted and then look what comes out of your mouths :D

Btw I love it when people recognize my genius :D See Anzu, I told you the 2nd one is better!

MISS VAIN Aly I say you're perverted as a compliment!! Seriously ;)

I think that's why we're such good friends all the way across the world!:)

Speaking of across the world, I haven't spoken to Dija lately...

Aly is so frigging bored She has partials or smth :-< I have those in December

Yes, I think you're right :D We should make T-shirts :D

MISS VAIN Are partials tests?? If so we have them but over here in the US we call them midterms. Poor Dija :(

We should make t-shirts. Everyone will want them.

Aly is so frigging bored I wanted some time ago to make "Pervert and proud" :)) I think we should beg Anzu to do smth fun and include the quote :D

Yhea... it sux to be her now :D

message 20: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer @MV: Sex without sex. A dream within a dream?

@Alkyoni: Ok that's cool :D I'll try the book when I'm in the mood of PNR again :D Now I wanna read Hold Me Closer Necromancer it seems awesome. I had Hush Hush in my to-read list but I saw many people throwing stones at it and decided to delete it :D I'm glad I made that decision

@Aly: Seeing is believing

Aly is so frigging bored =))) That sounds great for the back Anzu love =))

Good luck with your book :D

message 22: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer What sounds great for the back? :|

MISS VAIN Anzu-seriously sex with no sex! It was sexy!!! Lol.

I have no idea what back love it either?

Okay so either love Hush Hush or you hate it, I fortunately am one of those in the lovers Hush Hush category.

I hear Hold Me Closer Necromancer is for lovers of Anna Dressed in Blood, so it must be good!:)

Aly is so frigging bored The back of the T-shirt :D

MISS VAIN Oh I didn't read the shirt quote above, now I get it.

"Seeing is believing" great quote Anzu and great back tshirt idea Aly!;)

message 26: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija It makes me feel so nice that all of you care about me enough to notice when I'm missing. *wipes tear from eye* I have pre-annuals, Miss V, which is basically what you call midterms in the states. But they start next week; the main reason I've been absent for the past couple of days is because of one of the two holidays us Muslims have, Eid ul-Adha. I was at so many relatives' houses and then they came over and it was just insane. So yeah. But thanks for noticing, all of you! :D

MISS VAIN Oh of course Dija, you're greatly missed by me and others when you're not on here. :) It took me a couple days to realize it, but that's because I've been a bit busy myself. Glad your having a holiday with your family. When I'm not half asleep (tomorrow) I'm actually going to look up that holiday. I find foreign affairs and cultural differences as well as information to be fascinating.

Goodluck with your midterms, I don't miss those days at all, but when you're finished the weight off your shoulders will be enormous. :)))

message 28: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer Oooooh Tee idea... It would look great if it had a funny pic like Bigfoot or an alien...

Awww Dee did you have to kill any sheep? H said he had to go and I'm dying when thinking that I have to see this sh*t. I'm not gonna attend... It's too much for me O.O Gluck with the exams and stuff :D Tell us how everything goes ;) And if you don't score max in all I'll kill you O.o

Oh and Dee they don't miss you, they're lying. I'm the only one who misses you.

message 29: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija @Miss V: Thanks! I'll be needing it. O_O But yeah, that feeling after you've finished your last exam is priceless. :D

@Anzu: No, we didn't kill any sheep. And dude, Arabs are even more passionate about this holiday than the rest of the world. You do know that after the animal's been sacrificed, it's the job of the women of the household to clean it all up and store it and cook it, right? So that'll be your job. Hope you love the guy enough to marry him after knowing that. :P

And you're so sweet under all that zombie hunter shit! :D

message 30: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW I won't touch that sh*t!!! I'll throw it out of the window! Plus I can't cook :D I'll just burn the bitch and order pizza :))))

I'm like crunchy bonbons. Hard on the outside and mushy sweet on the inside :p lol wtf =)))

message 31: by Dija (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dija Oh, please. Arabs will have none of that. But speaking of cooking, Egyptians have this one dish I'm absolutely insane over, something like pizza except not. It's like a layer of bread and then they have their own green spicy thing that they spread over the bread and the result is earth-shattering. You MUST learn to cook that, and mail it to me or something.

You know what the anime word for that is? Tsundere. I think the "tsun" means cold and the "dere" means hot so whenever a character is trying to be mean, everyone's like your "tsun" side's actin up and vice versa. Did that make sense? :P

message 32: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer Hmmmm sounds disgusting but I'll try to ask about it :D And if Arabs will have none of that I'll teach them to live like normal human beings :p They no nothing so far :)))

Yes it does and it's freakin' cool :D I'll note it down somewhere :D

Brittany B. I've been wondering about this book. I have the audio, but can't commit to it because not many of my GR friends like it.
In fact I have the first 4 audios. I got them in a deal, but don't see myself listening. :(
Great review. Your pictures were especially creative this time. ❤

message 34: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer I really think this series is unoriginal and not funny. At all. Same goes with.. what was the name? Midnight Breed. And the Midnight Breed audio is a mess!! That lady made me have a headache with her fake Italian accent :p

And thanks :D It took me a while to find all those images looool :D But it was fun creating everything :p

Brittany B. I am an audio junkie.
Isn't Showalter BFF with Kresley Cole? I love KC. I hoped Showalter would be as talented. Oh well.

message 36: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer I guess they are. I've read one of her CRs and she seemed very funny. But her PNRs.. Meh. BOORIIING!! Typical stories and meh characters. But maybe, since you're in the mood, you'll like her. Give this one a try and then judge the rest. I have friends (90% of them LOL) who liked it :p

Aly is so frigging bored Ignore Anzu! For some month she's in an anti-PNR mood! Gena is really funny and she has lovable characters.

Brittany B. Aly (Lothaire) Daciano wrote: "Ignore Anzu! For some month she's in an anti-PNR mood! Gena is really funny and she has lovable characters."

Lol Aly, Is Anzu moody these days?? What's wrong, Anzu? What are you in the mood for reading?

Aly is so frigging bored She's in the mood for UF's :D

message 40: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer UF, Fantasy, steampunk, sci-fi, YA, anything with a freaking story!! :/ PNRs are so.. meh. I guess I'm anti-romance these days...

Brittany B. I'm reading this now. I think you could similarly use that psychopath marriage picture for your Christian and 50. I like Maddox much better.
I totally remember loving this review. I like the book and think it will be 4 stars for me. I'm more of a PNR junkie these days than you.

message 42: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer Muahahahahaa yeah but this was related to the whole inner psycho thing Maddox has going on. Grey deserves to eat the tampon he.. well.. you know the scene.

Sorry for the mental image, it seems like I'm still not over this book piece of crap.

If the mood is good then I totally get it. I won't judge :)) I see that you liked the last BDB. Was it better than Manny and whatever her name was?

Aly is so frigging bored Dude I can't get rid of that image!

Payne(Ward has a BIG name problem :D) =)))

When you're in the mood you have to read Anya's and Lucien's story

message 44: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer Loooooooool yeah it's a bad image. But the bitch deserves it :/

Payne.. Why am I not surprised? :)) Ward is amazing like that :))

That's the Lords one?

Aly is so frigging bored Yep it is. And I like Grey so I'll imagine him sexy and 1/2 undressed and I'm forgetting that so fast, more then the speed of light actually.

message 46: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer EWW

Brittany B. I am the only person who didn't flinch at the tampon scene. I was too freaked out and numb from everything else he did/ and the contract to even think about it.

I ended up not stopping after book 2 of this series. (LOTU) I couldn't get into part 3.

Brittany B. Oh and I don't think Lover Reborn is better than Payne and Manny (both are love stories are forgettable)

I should edit my reviews. I was in the BDB zone when I wrote it. Looking back, it's average. I liked Rehvenge's story. (book 7) After that, they were just ok.

message 49: by Anzu (new) - rated it 2 stars

Anzu The Great Destroyer EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW. That's all you'll get when you mention that.. person..

And yeah BDB is having a downfall since book 7. It's sad because I used to love this series so much.

Marlene I laugh every time I read your review.

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