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Nobody's Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Oct 13, 2010

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Read on October 15, 2010

I'm even being nice by giving it 3 stars.

Let's just say that the first 70% of the book was boring and annoying as hell. I just wanted to burn the book and look up and ask WHY??? Okay maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic but it's just that I loved the first 2 books so much that I could not believe how bad this one was at first. I must admit that the last 30% was much better, but it wasn't enough to compensate for that terrible beginning.

The two main characters behave like the biggest asses in the world. First the heroine tricks the hero into getting her pregnant to not let him know nothing about it. Of course he finds out and it all goes down from there. They disagree in everything, shout at each other and discuss constantly all the time. They even say terrible things to one another. All this makes you hate this two characters a lot. If it wouldn't have lasted so long I could have changed my mind because the ending was really, really good. The problem is that when I say the ending I mean the last 30% of the book. And I am not overreacting, I checked the percentage on my kindle while reading it and it wasn't until the 70% of the book that the characters stopped hating each other. And the she just realizes she loves him, from nowhere, not because he was behaving better or anything. She just realizes it. It was very lame. Luckily from there, they really treat each other better.

I don't know, I just didn't connect at all with the hero and heroine from this installment, which is bad because I love the writing style of this author. Just know that I still love this author and will read the next one immediately. My problem was just with this installment. Not that it was not a good book to read, I still could not put it down. It's just that comparing it to the first 2 books it was very very slow paced.

Book 1 is still my fav. I missed all the football plot. It was so much fun. I just wish the author went back to that, but it seems she wont.
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“I married a damned cereal killer”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nobody's Baby But Mine

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10/15/2010 "OMG I can't believe I'm so freaking obsessed about a ocntempirary romance series, lol, what is wrong with me. I have not feel this way about a series from this genre since LK's travises series. I just can't stop reading it. How could you guys rate this series with less than 5 stars? I seriously don't get it. I love is so much!" 3 comments
41.0% "OMG what an awful book. I just wanna close it and stop reading it. I can't stand it anymore, I hope it gets better soon because so far it has disappointed me big time. We have a hero and a heroine who despise each other and have not exchange a word since the beginning. I keep waiting for the relationship to start but they don't even talk and when they do it's to discuss." 2 comments

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Melia Danielle Hey, I got book 1. How's this one coming?

valee Books 1 and 2 are so good! You're gonna love them. I'll finish this one and wait for you then, anyway I have too much to study. I should have started today but I still need more from this series,LOL. This one is coming good too. Let me know once you start.

Ally72 Great review, Vale! If a person doesn't like the lead characters, it makes for a long (and not so great) book. I hope you like the next one better.

valee I do! The next one is soooo good! I love it already and I'm only in the 40% of it. I can't put the damn book down which isn't good as I have a very important test this Thursday! But I just can't. I love this series!LOL.

Ally72 LOL, Vale! I hope you do well on your test next week AND get time to enjoy the book.

valee me too *sigh*, book 4 is so amazing!

message 3: by Farzan (new)

Farzan Vale, as you describe the atmosphere of this book, I doubted to buy or even download this book so,I'll read first 2 books to have better idea about this author.

valee I love this series Farzan, although this book was the one I enjoyed the least, but the rest are great. Some of the best books I have read on this genre are from this author. Let me know if you get to read it.

message 1: by Farzan (new)

Farzan I read "Smooth Talking Stranger" which was great and I couldn't stop reading it. I felt good connection with Ella and Jack and even Luck.

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