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Black Point Christmas by A.J. Llewellyn
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This was such a sweet read - great holiday book even despite the drama and angst which I'm a big fan of anyhow. Thomas and Matt are still so adorable together and they've become a total power couple; loving, supportive, successful, sexy but with still a few rough edges and some jealousies added to the mix. That always makes it more interesting. T

he Lucas family is such an integral part of this series and I just love reading about each and every one of them, and since Cole was not as prominent in this book, I made due just fine with concentrating on Thomas and Matt with a little Damien on the side - he's a sweetie and I'm glad he got his man in the end, even though I was pretty mad at Mike for a while.

I loved how tough and protective of his and Matt's family that Thomas became; fights, being held hostage, threats - he truly showed his he-man side - rawr! And naming the baby Rosie just made me giggle like an adolescent girl - how freaking sweet is that. I hear the next book is the last of the series and though I'm dying to read it, I'll be sad to say goodbye to everyone. Hmm... when will that be I wonder?

Great job DJ and AJ! You've taken this series almost to a personal level I think - I imagine I see a little of both of you in the characters and in the settings, and even though I don't know either of you or know that for a fact, it's still really cute and makes the series that much more special.
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