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My New York Diary by Julie Doucet
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Oct 12, 2010

Am I finally sick of the hipster in new york city comix genre? No! Not yet, though I'm sure some time in the future what I find to be anathema in prose form will also be detestable to me in comic form as well. I liked this artist's drawing style, the cluttered spaces and how everyone looks like a cat/adult baby, though after a while in can become a trite bit claustrophobic, nauseating and samey. Also, I know she is from Canada and English is her second language, but this book could have used a little editing in regards to syntax and sentence design.

I liked the two pre-new york stories best. There was too much of a gap between them and the new york stories and I think some of my connection to the character was lost along the way, so at times I felt like her emotionally abusive/self-destructive boyfriend, cut off from her daily life and rising to fame and thus a tad bit jealous when it all happens so quickly (What? She's turning down the Village Voice now? That cocky bitch! When did she get so successful and popular? Did I miss that? She's not communicating with me. Why isn't she telling me these things?!). It's not that the pacing was bad, there were just more parts missing than I would have liked. For instance, did she ever have a day job? And I'm sure she's not telling the whole side of the story with the boyfriend. It would've been nice to see some parts when he wasn't a total manipulative jerk. All in all not bad and enjoyable if a bit predictable, daily-foibles-of-an-artist stuff.

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