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Torment by Lauren Kate
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Oct 18, 10

Read from October 12 to 18, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I’m not as annoyed as I expected to be. But I still am. Fallen was a disappointment but with a lot of potential. TORMENT was exactly what it was: torment.
The readers are still clueless as to what’s the deal with Daniel and Luce. Still no questions are answered. But they introduced more questions! At least Kate could have tied some loose ends from the last book. Instead, it got more confusing. At least the only answer I got was Miles liked Luce. I think that’s the climax. The rest is like gibberish nonsense in a ridiculous attempt to drag it on to the next and hopefully last book. It was like mystery after mystery after mystery. It doesn’t work that way. You need to feed ur readers something. Something to munch on as they accept more mysteries. So they can move forward. If it wasn’t for my sheer determination, this whole deal with Daniel is actually getting old. I’m glad she kissed Miles.
Everything is not well-written. It’s not as compelling as it should have been. Maybe I was expecting too much. I guess I was expecting some sort of epic battles or saga. It didn’t give me the satisfaction and closure for the mean time. It was all about Luce and sappy thoughts. It’s like Bella all over again! At least Edward or someone explains something either to her or to he reader. But no! This one is just ‘you don’t wanna do that Luce’ and ‘you shouldn’t do this Luce”. Ugh, how annoying! Like Shelby said, stop treating her like a baby. “ENOUGH ALREADY!” Lol. I like Shelby and Miles. Their characters are better.
And this Phil guy. It was a give away. I mean really. At least she could have made it Dawn or better yet Miles! Pretending she got kidnapped, but she’s actually one of them. Or Miles acually TORMENTED coz he likes Luce yet his intentions are ill This author needs more creativity. Her “twists” (if that is what she’s trying to do) are just awful and way too predictable. You know how you suspect someone could be ‘it’? And they actually turn out to BE it? How fun.
If predictability and confusion is your cup of tea, this is the novel for you. Unfortunately, I will still get the next book. Hopefully I will finally get answers and explanations.

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