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Dear Sir, I'm Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart
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Oct 12, 2010

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bookshelves: bdsm, contemporary-romance

I think if there hadn't been all the unnecessary Lifetime movie of the week elements added it would have been a million times better, because then we could have watched Rae and Conn figuring each other out without all the unnecessary sidelines (Rae's ex-husband, who seemed like a vanilla guy then turned into crazy controlling stalker dude, the housekeeper's crazy controlling husband who gets killed because he's a diabetic and she made him brownies, the sexual predator mayor who somehow doesn't know who Rae is even though she's a business owner in the town, which reminds me... how do Rae and Conn not know that each other live there? And how is the college town where Conn works far away and then suddenly close enough for him to commute to?)

Yes, anyway, other than the inconsistencies, the weird side-stories/filler and Rae's all-over-the-place responses to Conn, I did mostly like this story. There are enough elements that work that make me willing to give the author another shot, anyway, even though I'm not sure that I'd ever read this particular story again.

Edit to add: I re-read this after thoroughly enjoying books two and three in this series. I enjoyed it more the second time through. The problems I mentioned earlier didn't bother me as much this time through, although I was more bothered by the dynamics Rae and Conn's student-teacher relationship. I'm glad I read it again, but I still much prefer books 2 and 3.
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chanceofbooks Yes! All the lifetime movie elements--great way of putting it!

Jessica Thanks :)

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