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Flutter by Amanda Hocking
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Oct 21, 10

Read from October 20 to 21, 2010

Amanda Hocking's Flutter has a lot of “biting inside one’s cheek,” “tucking one’s hair behind one’s ear” and “coming with.” Believe me, I counted.

Now that Alice has turned, you’d expect things to go better for her: better looks, fewer pounds… a smoother love life. Yes, to the the first two; she shot up two inches in a matter of days, her complexion improved, and over all, she became hotter. Her love life, however, lives a lot desired. Despite being turned by jack, her body/blood still calls to Peter.

Now, things would have probably gone smoother had Jack behaved like the suave mature guy that he was in My Blood Approves and Fate, but, no… he’d turned into this insecure, sniveling boy. The fight over the pillow did not help. Granted, the pillow wasn’t the point. But for goodness sake, couldn’t they have come up a better segue? (The point being: it was not Jack who had been wronged; rather it was he who had done the “wronging”?)

Add the fact that Mae was turning into a whiny Valley Girl who was not getting what she wanted.

I suppose Flutter is not all bad. The parts that made me read on had to do with Ezra and Milo: The former’s self-sacrifice and the latter’s growing confidence.

Flutter is an OK read for a stormy night when one has nothing better to read (as was the case for me.)
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Linda i completely agree. I found myself getting amgry with Mae & how she was acting in the story. she seemed as whiney as Jack. This book is not exactly my favorite in the series

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