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Maverick by Lora Leigh
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Jul 25, 12

bookshelves: series, military, contemporary

Holy cow! The first two chapters of this story are intense. I like how Leigh brings all the characters from previous books back and seems to be introducing new ones. Dare I get excited for sequels? (I'm thinking I would like a story about "Hellraiser") I can't wait to see how Micah pushes pass Risa's pain.
This book is pretty dark and might not be for some people, the storyline of how Risa was treated under her father's watch is very heavy. Leigh puts the reader through an emotional ringer until Risa finally allows herself to be "strong enough to cry".
There are definitely some sex scenes which will raise your temperature, if you are a blusher you probably don't want to read this book in a public place. However, if you have read Leigh's other books in this series, this book will seem mild.
I really love this series Leigh has going; the first series is what she calls "Tempting SEALs" and then branches off to "Elite Ops". They share the same characters with the Tempting SEALs team "Durango" doing backup work for the Elite Ops team. The whole idea of Elite Ops being "dead men" is so completely sinister genius. There are so many players playing so many roles but Leigh writes it so that it is easy to follow. I am so excited for more books to come out. (Mac Knight, could we get his story please!)
I didn't connect with Micah as well as I did with the others; Kell, Noah, and Ian. (All three of those men's stories were definite keepers for me, you should read them!) This book turned out to be more like a building brick to me; it was a nice addition but in the end I felt like I was just reading this to get onto the next part of the story in the series, which I hope Leigh comes out with soon!
Final conclusion is that it wasn't a keeper for me but helped to progress and add some serious interest for the rest of the story involving the Elite Ops men. I just cheated and looked at Lora Leigh's page and saw that her next book comes out in Sept. 09 with "Heatseeker". I just knew John and Bailey were going to end up together, you'll meet them in "Maverick" and be in anticipation for the ass kicking they will probably give each other in "Heatseeker". Lora Leigh has a great storyline rocking here that could go on for a long time, well at least long enough for me to get "Hellraiser" and Mac Knights story!


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