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Forget You by Jennifer Echols
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Sep 07, 2015

it was amazing
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Okay, I thought this book was very interesting when I first started reading, 'cause Zoey seemed like a strong girl with convictions, then trouble came and her convictions were gone :P

still, I continued reading, then came Douglas and I completely fell in love with him! he was the most interesting character by far! he was the reason I finished the book, cause Zoey really REALLY annoyed me at first!

She was like this the whole time: "aw Doug,I really like you but I can't be with you 'cause I'm with Brandon and I don't want to be unfaithful to him"

and seriosuly, she had sex with the Brandon guy ONCE (they didn't even fully take their clothes off and it was in the back seat of his car!!) and he didn't called her afer that, he didn't talk to her for the week after, he started dating someone else and she still thought they were together?!?!
I mean how dumb is that?! and Doug was ALWAYS there for her, taking care of her after the accident, always helping her with anything and all she thought about was Mark ¬¬'

The thing I loved the most about this book is clearly Doug, oh and the fact that at the end Zoey got it together and started making sense! :)

OH one big plus about this book is that Zoey may or may not have a mental disorder in the future just like her mom (genetics) and I think that's a very original concept in a book. Never read about a mentally ill person before.
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Jennifer Echols
“I knew exactly what you'd done. I know that feelings. You have to do something. You have to change something radically, because you can't stay like you are for another second, or you're going to explode.”
Jennifer Echols, Forget You

Jennifer Echols
“And you told me the biggest lie of all. You told me you loved me,” It was my turn to wince like he’d slapped me. “I don’t remember saying that” “You would if it had been true. You would feel something”
Jennifer Echols, Forget You
tags: doug

Jennifer Echols
“I understand I can’t have you. But I want to know you’re in the world with me.”
Jennifer Echols, Forget You
tags: doug

Jennifer Echols
“My brother is a very bad policeman. So . . . you’re coming to school, right?” Doug
“Nnnnnnno.” Zoey
“Come so you can be around people,” Doug coaxed. “I don’t think you should be alone today.”
“I think I definitely should.” Zoey
“Come so I won’t worry about you.” Doug ;]”
Jennifer Echols, Forget You

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Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) You mean Brendon? or Brandon lol

message 2: by Melannie :) (last edited Jul 19, 2011 05:11PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Melannie :) What? the Mark guy?! DON'T TELL ME I MESSED UP AND THAT'S NOT HIS NAME?!?! D:

hahahaha. Darn. The jerk wasn't interesting enough for me to learn his name.

Melannie :) It was Brandon not Mark! hahah embarrasing!!!

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