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Who's The Fairest? by Jane B. Mason
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Oct 08, 2010

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bookshelves: fairy-tales, fantasy, princesses, school, childrens
Read in October, 2010

I'm a little disappointed in this one. The games turn out to be less like the hunger games or the triwizard tournament and more like field day at elementary school. Or a company picnic.

There are some interesting little competitions. The three-legged race, not so much. But full contact maypole. Awesome. Each team is going one way around the maypole and the first team to get a player's ribbon wrapped 10 times around the pole wins. Reminded me a little of what I know of roller derby. (What I know of roller derby is very little.)

Meanwhile Snow White is angsting about her wicked stepmother, who's headmistress of the witch school. And she has a crisis of confidence. While Sleeping Beauty is jealous of all the attention Cinderella's been getting.

And they all learn to stand up to wicked stepmothers, stop being jealous, and um.. work together as a team to defeat the evil witches.

Which is my major problem with the book. All of the witches at the Grimm school are portrayed as ugly and mean. No good witches? No even.. kinda neutral witches? I guess I'm particularly annoyed by this because if /I/ lived in this world, it'd be the witch school I'd be attending. Even if I was a squib! No way you're putting me in a princess school. And the witches aren't even allowed to use magic during the games! Discrimination, that is.

I am, perhaps, committed now to keep going.

Oh, and they're definitely 10. I made note of that this time.

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