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Sins of the Flesh by Eve Silver
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Oct 05, 2010

really liked it
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My favorite story as I loved Mal the best of the 3 brothers from the very beginning... However it is also my least favorite couple pairing which takes away some of the enjoyment.... Mal Krayl wants the world to see him as someone who only wants a good time, what he does not want is for anyone to see past that shield he has erected to keep himself from emotional pain! Having lost his "love hundreds of years ago he has since then connected only physically and never emotionally with his bed partners.... Calliope Kane is a high level guard in the Daughters of Aset who has no love whatsoever for Soul Reapers as they butchered her family in front of her eyes as a child....
Once again we return to the mystery that is ongoing while the brothers try to find their youngest sibling Lokan so he can be brought back from death. Doing this will solve the identity of his murderers once he is brought back to life and can point them out! What started out slowly in Sins of the Heart and continues in Sins of the Soul just got better and better the deeper the reader gets in book #3 Sins of the Flesh !
Calliope and Mal are working against each other to find and take the one person who is the only lead found to Lokan's death... When they finally clash with each other in this endeavor the sparks fly from more than their differences of opinion! This attraction between the two for me was not one I welcomed, the very first thing Calliope does upon encountering Mal is hurt him and he allows her to do so.. Not really the best way to start an intimate relationship in my book... However as time goes on and the pairs bond gets deeper I do have a grudging respect for the way they both seem to come to grips with the idea that this person is the one they never thought of hoping to find! Lust turns to caring and caring turns to the absolutely believable idea that Mal would die for Calliope before allowing one hair on her head to be harmed... It took a little longer for me to accept the same sentiment from Calliope but at the very end I took the same leap of faith with her that Mal meant more than her own life!

The awesome twists and turns and more turns and twists that keep you guessing about the why, how, who and what of Lokan's murder are finally revealed in the end.. The series is not over though as there is very obviously too many unanswered questions, not the least of which is what happens now that the murderer is revealed and Lokan is still out there to be found and brought home alive and intact once again. The good news is that book #4 Body Of Sin comes out in June 2011 and if rumor is to be believed another book will follow that one......
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