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Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott
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Oct 05, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: historical-fiction
Read in September, 2010

some quotes:
p. 116 "Virtue, which means honor, honesty, courage, and all that makes character, is the red thread (British put a red thread in their ropes) that marks a good man wherever he is. Keep that always and everywhere, so that even if wrecked by misfortune, that sign shall still be found and recognized. No matter what happens to your body, keep your soul clean, your heart true to those who love, and do your duty to the end."

p. 112 "It is the struggle with obstacles which does us good. You must paddle your own canoe now, and learn to avoid the rapids and steer straight to the port you want to reach."

p. 134 "Rob said the heartiest little prayer he ever prayed. It did him good; and wisely laying all his fear and doubt and trouble in God's hand, the boy felt ready for whatever was to come, and from the hour kept steadily before him the one duty that was plain, to be brave and cheerful, keep silent, and hope for the best."

p. 138 "I'm very glad to see you helping one another. It's the right way, and we can't begin too soon to try to understand the needs, virtues, and failings of those nearest us. Love should not make us blind to faults, nor familiarity make us too ready to blame the shortcomings we see."

p. 175 "Love is apt to make lunatics of even saints and sages, so young people cannot be expected to escape the delusions, disappointments and mistakes, as well as the delights, of this sweet madness."

p. 254 "It was a hard won battle; but he would never have to fight so terrible a one again; for though enemies would still assail him from within and without, he had found the little guide-book that Christian carried in his bosom, and Love, Penitence, and Prayer, the three sweet sisters, had given him the armor which would keep him safe."

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