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Mortal Danger by Eileen Wilks
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Oct 05, 2010

really liked it
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Read from December 13 to 16, 2010 — I own a copy

I really like the way the author is slowly unfolding this world. Lily and Rule aren't a perfect couple even though they're mates. They're still trying to figure out their feelings for each other, especially on Lily's end. She didn't grow up believing these things so it's harder for her to just go with it. She finds herself questioning her feelings and especially Rule's feelings.

I really liked how the author had Lily feel insecure about Rule's acceptance of fidelity. Just because fate has made you unable to stray doesn't mean that you are happy about that. Especially because she knows it's so different from the usual lupus behavior.

Lily really has endeared herself to me. In the first book, Tempting Danger, as well as in this one, Lily has reacted in a wholly believable and intelligent way to her relationship with Rule. Watching her slowly come to accept and treasure her bond with him makes their relationship all the sweeter to me.

I liked seeing Cullen more in this one, especially his bickering interactions with Cynna. He had a moment with Lily toward the end of the book after a certain event has taken place that was both revealing and uncomfortable. I was glad Lily worked it all through in her head and figured out that it wasn't so much about him comforting her as it was her comforting him. It really helped clarify what was a pretty surprising move on his part and added some intriguing depth to him.

The way this book unfolded was quite surprising. I didn't really picture quite that happening when I started the book--the tone seemed completely different--but I found it to be a very interesting development. I really liked getting to see that new area explored although I do hope for more explanation on that front in the future.

I'm curious to see how things develop with Lily's family in the future. Some definite lines were crossed here even though they weren't concentrated on that much. I'm also curious to see what happens with Cynna and the new role that she was told about.

I can't wait to get my hands on the next book! I glanced at the summary and saw that it focuses on Cynna! No wonder the cover shows a woman with tattoos.
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Reading Progress

12/13/2010 page 26
7.0% ""And why," Rule asked with strained patience, "Did you send the EMTs away?" ... "They wanted to take me to the hospital." He stared at the heart of his heart, the one woman in the world for him...the pigheaded, my-way-or-the-highway idiot who'd refused medical treatment. "Imagine that. What were they thinking?""
12/13/2010 page 41
10.0% ""Come on. Let's go hassle the locals. I'd like to run a diagnostic on that bolt and find out for sure if it was magically shifted." She stood, too. "Nothing I like better than hassling a few cops." "You are a cop." "Weird, isn't it?"" 2 comments
12/13/2010 page 72
18.0% "He ran out of ways to describe the beast shortly after they left the interstate. "Feel better?" she asked dryly. "No." He began winding his way back toward her apartment. "Dogs make sense. They understand the hierarchy and the need to cooperate. They come when you call them. A cat though--a cat will take your number and get back to you. Maybe. If he's in a good mood." Not that he'd ever seen Harry in a good mood." 2 comments
12/13/2010 page 124
31.0% "Oh, Lily, I love when you start quoting regulations like that. In your face Detective Leung!" 4 comments
12/15/2010 page 195
49.0% ""Force rose in Rule like an imminent explosion, hollowing him out until all that remained was purpose, tipping him away from the rationality of the human toward the power of the beast. He found new balance. Thought remained, but altered; words no longer led, but existed as small chips of focus for the gathering storm."" 2 comments
12/15/2010 page 256
64.0% "Cynna wasn't sure what it was about her that gave people the idea she played on her own side of the fence, but this wasn't the first time she'd run up against that notion. Not just from men, either. She'd been hit on plenty by the DC-types of her own sex. After the door closed behind T.J., Cynna sighed. "Maybe I need to wear a button. Something discreet like, 'No, I'm not a lesbian.'""
12/15/2010 page 294
74.0% "The direction this book took was very unexpected. Not bad, just surprising." 9 comments
12/16/2010 page 312
78.0% "My goodness, that scene with Cullen was odd and illuminating all at once." 4 comments
12/16/2010 page 342
86.0% ""So is a true alpha different from a plain old alpha?" "Yes," he said definitely. "What you mean by alpha isn't what a lupus means. You think of it as machismo--someone who dominates others. We mean someone who can't be dominated. A subtle but real difference. Bullies need to dominate, but can be cowed if you're tougher than they are."" 7 comments
12/16/2010 page 393
98.0% "That was great! I wonder if my bookstore has the third book in stock..." 43 comments

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message 1: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH Great review, Catherine. I am looking forward to starting this series in the new year.

Catherine Thanks, AH! I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have. After reading two of them and liking them so much I'm extremely surprised that I haven't heard more buzz about this author. Thank goodness my friend mlady_Rebecca rec'ed the first one to me. Otherwise I might have missed this series entirely.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Oh, Catherine! Should I buy book 1 before Jan 1?

Catherine You definitely should, UM! I really, really love this series so far.

message 5: by Quinn (new)

Quinn Another great review, Catherine. I've got the first one on my TBR from your previous review, so hopefully I'll get to these eventually!

Catherine Thanks, Quinn. I hope they live up to my raves when you read them. :)

Pamela / SpazP WHAT??????

Pamela / SpazP Um pls ignore my WHAT?? comment!!! I was txting and using GR on my iPhone at the same time and my txt popped up here!!!!!
What I MEANT to say is that I loooooooooove Cynna and Cullen - I really enjoyed the next book too, I'm glad youre enjoying this series as much as me :)

Catherine LOL, Pamela! So the next couple books that follow Cynna and Cullen live are good too? I'm glad to hear that! I've rest of the series on the way from Amazon so I guess we'll see what I think soon. :)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Your reviews are so clear and eloquent, Catherine! Keep up the good work.

Catherine Why thank you, Danielle. That's a really nice thing to say. :)

Katyana Great review! I am also curious for more info on her family - not only is her grandmother fascinating, but her mom... wowza! That situation needs some resolution.

Catherine I agree. I really like how the author has developed both of their lives fully. They don't live in a vacuum. They have families and friends that are still a part of their lives after they've hooked up.

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