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City of the Dead by S.D. Perry
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Oct 21, 10

I changed this to a four-star because after recently re-playing the game, I flicked through the book again and I actually realised something. Really, S.D. Perry did a great job adapting the game. For anyone who hasn't played the game (although I wonder why you're here if you haven't), there are four scenarios. Claire A/Leon B and Leon A/Claire B. The B scenarios in the game are pretty terrible, in-terms of plot holes. You constantly do the same puzzles as you did in the A scenarios. It doesn't really make sense... but S.D. Perry adapts the issue really well, downplaying the puzzles, etc.

There are issues, and S.D. Perry isn't the best writer out there - there's a constant re-usage of certain writing techniques that's downright jarring. However, for a book based on a game, it's probably one of the best, and it's definitely the best one out of S.D. Perry's Resident Evil novels.

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