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Scoundrel by Zoe Archer
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Oct 17, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from October 12 to 13, 2010 — I own a copy

4.5 Stars

This was an excellent follow up to the fabulous first book, Warrior. I was pretty stoked about that, because it gives me confidence about how the rest of the series will turn out! Sometimes an author just cannot live up to how excellent the first book in a series is, and it is such a disappointment to the reader. That's not the case here!

I think the author made an exceedingly smart choice by moving the location of this book. We aren't in Mongolia with this one, we're in Greece and the islands nearby. I loved the Mongolian scenery, but by having this one in Greece I didn't even have the slightest urge to stop and compare it to the first book.

We didn't get quite the same sense of culture and information about Greece that we did about Mongolia in the first book, but that's understandable. The characters were on a ship for most of the book and weren't visiting the islands enough to give a well developed sense of the people there. We did get a glimpse of them now and then, but they did feel more like scenery than full robust characters.

I really liked getting to watch the romance between the secondary characters on the ship. We didn't actually dwell on their relationship from their pov, we just got to watch it from Bennett and London's pov. I liked that because I never felt that it took away time from London and Bennett's relationship (as I sometimes do with secondary romances that have half of the book devoted to them) but I did look forward to a glimpse of their relationship progress now and then. I loved that they felt necessary to the book even if it wasn't their story. I especially enjoyed watching Athena come into her own with her powers. It was really nice getting a glimpse of someone who has gifts that they were born with. Although I do still wonder about Bennett's affinity with shadows...

I really enjoyed watching London move past her initial restrictions. Not only was she the daughter of the enemy trying to fit in with a group who hates her family, she was raised as the traditional delicate English rose. She didn't have adventures and she didn't know how to take care of herself in a fight. It was nice that she wasn't magically a Xena-like character right out of the gate. I enjoyed watching her become someone stronger and more confident in herself. I also liked watching the joy and verve she had for every new experience she came across. Here was a girl who had longed for life and finally she got a taste of it.

I really enjoyed the initial struggle and anger London had over the reveal of Bennett's past with her. It added some much appreciated tension. I also enjoyed watching Bennett circle around her trying to find a way to insert himself into her regard. He wanted her to look at him and see someone she wanted to spend time with. I also really liked that London did not cast aside the life that she had known at the drop of a hat. I found her behavior much more realistic and interesting than if she had known Bennett for five minutes and believe him right away. Then I would have just thought she was an idiot!

Bennett was such a fun character! I really enjoyed being in his head. Just like with the first book, his internal dialogue kept me giggling. I really enjoyed his life outlook. He was such an in the moment guy. I don't mean that he didn't have the ability to think long term, I mean that he could take pleasure from the little things that he encountered daily. He didn't need much to stay happy.

I really felt for both of the characters when they had that discussion about what love meant to them. I liked that London wasn't willing to settle for less in the long term, but didn't dismiss his view as foolish. She never dismissed his belief, she just made it clear that it didn't mean the same thing to her. My heart broke for them later when he kept saying something and she kept ignoring it. (vague on purpose to avoid spoilers!) Then when they talked about the "monkey hats..." I couldn't help but sigh. :)

The only reason I gave this .5 stars less than the first one was because I wanted a bit more struggle on Bennett's part winning London. Where I loved the first one for its lack of drama, I really would have appreciated a bit more here. I just felt that everything came easily to Bennett and I would have enjoyed watching him work for it more. Like he did when she was ticked at him on the ship originally. He kept sticking a hand out hoping for her to give him an opening and she just kept slapping it away.

Other than that tiny little niggle I enjoyed the book immensely! I can't wait to get my hands on Rebel!
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10/12/2010 page 4
1.0% "I find it hilarious (and apt) that we open this book with Bennett having to escape a pissed off husband." 3 comments
10/12/2010 page 5
1.0% ""Clearly, the holy man knew that Bennett had broken nearly all of the Ten Commandments. At least Bennett honored his father and mother. He didn't make too many graven images, either. Two out of ten wasn't so bad.""
10/12/2010 page 24
6.0% ""...Bennett couldn't recall ever having so visceral, so immediate a reaction to touching a woman. And it had gone beyond the physical, too. A sudden, profound connection with no known origin other than something in his body that recognized her, knew and needed her. Rot. He simply wanted a fuck, but he wasn't going to get one." - Keep telling yourself that, playboy." 5 comments
10/12/2010 page 38
10.0% "I would never survive in that world, having to swallow my father's opinion of me and ask his permission to go outside. I feel claustrophobic just thinking about it!" 4 comments
10/12/2010 page 55
14.0% ""But tell me, how suspect are your morals?" Kallas turned his attention from a seething Athena. "What did you have in mind?" "Kidnapping a lady." "Is she pretty?" "Very." Kallas smiled, shaking Bennett's hand again. "Then we'll get along, you and I." - LOL!" 6 comments
10/12/2010 page 65
16.0% ""There were more pressing concerns. Foremost was how to sneak aboard the Heirs' ship, past armed guards, the father, and the deuced Fraser, and then steal a whole woman from under their noses." - Pshaw! No sweat! ;)" 18 comments
10/12/2010 page 96
24.0% "I knew that reveal about who killed who was coming!" 2 comments
10/12/2010 page 108
27.0% "You're a bastard and a cad, Ben, he thought. And you picked the worst time to cultivate scruples. Idiot." 8 comments
10/12/2010 page 125
31.0% ""Bennett stared at London, wondering where her mind was taking her, wishing he could be there, in her thoughts." ... "Ideas and feelings flickered across London's face, and, even silent, she radiated a complexity Bennett might never decode. He glanced up to find Athena watching him with something very like pity, making him scowl." - Awwwwww. I just want to hug him." 2 comments
10/12/2010 page 150
38.0% ""In times like this, he'd normally take matters into his own hand. But this was Kallas's cabin, and Bennett would be damned if he had a wank in some man's bed. A gentleman had his honor." - LOL!" 2 comments
10/13/2010 page 201
50.0% ""What primitive creatures were men. But perhaps that was why women kept them around, to remind themselves of their humble, animal beginnings.""
10/13/2010 page 257
64.0% """Please, love, don't cry," he murmured into her hair. Then she looked up at him. And his heart stuttered then pulsed back to life. She was laughing. "That was exciting," she said." - Much better than tears!" 5 comments
10/13/2010 page 322
81.0% ""Monkeys in hats" - Awww, that's so sweet. <3"
10/13/2010 page 374
94.0% "Looks like Athena turned out to be a bad ass!"

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish You ought to be ashamed, Catherine, getting me all hooked into this series this way. Great review, of course.

Catherine Thanks, UM! I hope you enjoy the series as much as I have.

Shawna Great review, Catherine! I loved WARRIOR and SCOUNDREL and Bennett was just YUM! This series is so fresh, fun, and original, and the characters voices are so intelligent and witty.

Catherine Thanks, Shawna! You are absolutely correct. This just feels so original and new. That's not the only reason I love it, of course, but it sure does help!

I cannot wait for the next book to come out!

Sayuri_x I just finished Warrior and I have jumped right into Scoundrel. I am loving this series.

Catherine It's excellent, I agree. I hope you like Scoundrel as much as you did Warrior.

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick Fab review!! I'm hooked on this series. Can't wait for Rebel.

Catherine Thanks! Me too. I hope it's awesome!

message 9: by Ren (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ren I'm "monkey in hat"with Bennett, Catherine!!

Catherine LOL. Wasn't that so adorable?

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