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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead
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Jan 05, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2010

i first tried to read this book when twilight mania was so intense that i want to read something different. then i read about two girls at the beginning and i thought it was boring since there seems not to have any romance at all. well, im taking my words back. this book exceeded my expectations and im hooked! it's one of my faves now.:)

Updated: (Jan.5, 2011) this book changes the way i measure up books when it comes to heroes and heroines being vampires. its also the reason why i love richelle! haha.one of the best, along with black dagger brotherhood. thumbs-up!
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Izzy:) im sooo glad u decided to try VA again. it is definatly 1 of my favs. how far r u in the sries???? VA is one of my fav subj 2 talk about. i lov gettn other ppl's pov.

Faye i can't find an ebook of the second book. i have only read the first one. my gosh it's killing me i really want to read the 2nd one and the other books. do u still have a copy? or you own the book?the book was so good that i finished it in one sitting.:)

Izzy:) I own all the bks. i like to go back and reread them from time to time. i cant get enough, but u definately need to hurry up and read them so we can swap theories b4 the last one comes out in december.

Faye i'll try my best. i really want to read and finish it but i can't find an ebook of them.i'll try to buy the books if i won't find the ebook.i'll tell you if i have read the other. i want to read the book 2 badly! can you tell me the best part in the frostbite for you?

Joyzi Hey buy the book already hehe, the best part for me were the ending part, it was really INTENSE. Love Christian! and Adrian appears here!!!!!

Izzy:) the best part 4 me in Frostbite is the introduction of a new character:)The ending threw me, but dont get to anxious and read the ending.LOL

Faye Joyzi *Screw Stevie rae, Rephaim is Mine!* wrote: "Hey buy the book already hehe, the best part for me were the ending part, it was really INTENSE. Love Christian! and Adrian appears here!!!!!"

i love anything that concerns adrian (the poor guy my heart went out to). hahaha!

Izzy:) aawwww....adrian :'( i guess i'll have 2 mend his broken heart:D haha .....then Faye can....haha jk

Faye hahaha.maybe we'll just race and whoever comes first, or better yet, whoever he choose..haha!

Izzy:) ready..........set......GO!! :P
and, YES!! I WON!! ....XD:D LOLZ. LMAO

message 11: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye hahaha.im letting you get him just for a day. hahaha!

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