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Styx's Storm by Lora Leigh
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Oct 04, 2010

really liked it
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Styx Storm

The story sets off with the big bang and intriguing mystery that we are accustomed to with Lora Leigh’s Breed series. Lora Leigh is a master at writing erotica. Although the first sex scene seems contrived it is no less exquisitely detailed and leaves you squirming in your seat. Subsequent sex scenes get thrown in at seemingly inopportune moments but they are no less detailed and spicy.

This story continues from Lions Heat where information that is crucial to the Breeds, Council and genetic scientist is missing. Storme is being chased by all parties because she holds the key to retrieving this information. Styx is the breed who is used to gain Storme’s trust and get the info from her. I would rather not explain the plot further because it would spoil your enjoyment of the book.

Storme is not a likeable character in this story. Most readers in this series have come to intimately know and love the Breeds. We have been shown the heartbreaking, gritty sides of their world. We look forward to their happiness after they have had such a crappy start in life.

Storme does not know the side of Breeds that we love. She represents the outside world where fear, prejudice, hate and jealousy feeds on itself. These negative qualities unfortunately represent the current political climate in the US between the Dems and Repulicans.

We begin to understand her unreasonableness, but we still want someone to kick her ass. Hard. She has an ugly attitude and you may wonder how the author will redeem this character. While reading , I was thinking I would not forgive Storme’s character.

Storme begins to have epiphanies about herself and her past that very slowly make her question her beliefs. In this I learned how easy it is to fall back on assumptions. I also learned how ignorance is fed by finding like minds who feed your beliefs with lies and propaganda. I begin to understand how hard it is to learn that everything you believe in and have based your life on is a lie. It destroys the faith in people you adore to learn they are part of something so wrong.

Lora Leigh expands on the Breed community. Former books have not given us glimpses into the everyday lives of the Breeds that we get in Styx Storm. This was such a necessary part of the book because it further humanizes the Breeds. Even though danger is still lurking around, they try to establish a sense of normalcy, peace and community.

The story is a little slow paced, but Storme will be a memorable character for me. It looks at the Breeds from the eyes of the haters and challenges the readers since of compassion.

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