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The Prada Plan by Ashley Antoinette
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Oct 13, 10

it was ok
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This is kind of a complicated book to review. There's some history here. 'The Prada Plan' was a short story by Ashley and JaQuavis which was featured in the compilation 'Girls From Da Hood 4'. It ended on a cliffhanger, so this novel is the rest of the story, written entirely by Ashley Antoinette.

HOWEVER, the entire middle section of the book is a copy-paste of the short story from Girls From Da Hood 4. So there's 50 pages about Disaya's upbringing, then the copy-pasted chunk, then 100 pages of new content about what happens after.

I'm sorry to say, the new content doesn't hold up. Disaya's upbringing is obscenely tragic (she is brought up in a home with a pedophile) and not much fun to read. The only gem in this section is her mom Dynasty explaining to baby Disaya that if she wants to wear $600 pumps like mommy, she better figure out a way to get her hustle on.

The middle section has some continuity errors due to being copy-pasted from the previous book, but aside from that it remains as delightfully materialistic and amoral as I remember it. Disaya will stop at nothing to get that Prada (and get her paper up) and makes no bones about only being attracted to men with lots of money who can keep her hair did up. The brand name of every piece of clothing or phone or car is called out in the book ('Indie pulled out his iPhone', 'Disaya was a Rocawear ho', etc).

The final section shows Disaya growing more as a person, but isn't much fun to read. There's lots and lots of moping about her lost love, Indie, and some crazy machinations on the part of the scorned lesbian Leah ("Is this bitch gay?", Disaya wonders to herself at one point). The only saving grace here is when Indie moves to Houston to build up a new cocaine empire - I'm a sucker for stories about someone ascending the crime ranks and watching him recruit soldiers and move in on the existing dealer's turf was pretty entertaining.

Overall though, I think Ashley wrote herself into a corner with the last book and it shows here. She can't maintain the momentum of the last story after the tragic cliffhanger ending and this book seems like it's mostly picking up the pieces. I don't think I will be reading Prada Plan 2.

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Lunden Omg! Thanks so much for this review! I started reading this and knew that I had read this story before. Unfortunatnely, I couldn't bring myself to read it again so I checked it back in to the library and started on book 2. But, now I am wondering if I should've just read through it since there was some new parts to it. I'm halfway into the second one now and I'm a little lost as far as what happened to Indie and Yaya but I guess it will be OK. Thanks again...thought I was loosing my mind there for a minute. LOL

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