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Apr 26, 15

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Recommended to Vicki by: One of the FBI officers
I own a copy

Chapter 5: I could just KILL Bush, Cheney and their damn psychotic LAWyers who rewrote entire sections of the Constitution to excuse themselves for approving of torture of the captured al Qaeda members.

Abbreviated statement about Chapter 4: Still so surprised they tried so many times and gave up the plan to find bin Laden as many times as they made one. So surprised and so agonized about it. It feel like a scab was torn from a wound and is bleeding freely again bc it wasn't as "healed" as I thought.

Page 132: Osama bin Laden should be treated humanely and not abused if he surrenders to the capture.

Me (thinking) What FOR? He doesn't treat anyone ELSE humanely. Why do we have to play a game of Mr. and Mrs. Congenialities?

Until they explain why more than 20 "important" people in government all remember little to nothing about any of this, it's going to STAY at three stars - and possibly drop to 2.
I find it way TOO convenient that nobody alive recalls anything or all their memories are dim with barely recollected information - and lots of people who could have told us something about it are dead.
Well so is Eric, my daughter's dad and my former husband, but he's one of the people who was considered nothing in our government. He wasn't President, Secretary of State, Under Secretary, etc. Just what THIS president calls an innocent citizen but having no influence in government.

Page 114: Impressions vary as to who actually decided not to pursue the operation [to capture bin Ladin in 1998.] Clarke told us that the CSG saw the plan as flawed. He was said to have described it to a colleague on the NSC as "half-assed" and predicted that the principals would not approve it. "Jeff" [CIA agent whose name they're hiding] thought the decision had been made at the cabinet level. Pavitt thought that it was Berger's doing, though perhaps on Tenet's advice. Tenet told us that given the recommendations of his chief operations officers, he alone had decided to "turn off" the operation. He had simply informed Berger, who had not pushed back. Berger's recollection was similar. He said the plan was never presented to the White House for a decision.

My comment: Why does that sound like a rendition of the f'ing Keystone Kops in government? Nobody knows ANYthing. Eric and all these other people are dead, but nobody in the government can rightly recall ANYthing. (sigh)

When asked about the Africans who died in the 1998 bombing of the embassies in Kenya, Osama bin Laden said that Islamic law mandates that it's okay to do if that's what it takes to drive the Americans out of East Africa; which, for the LIFE of me, I never thought was HOLY land to Muslims, and he's a gd LIAR OF TITANIC PROPORTIONS.
I know a Muslim person, and he said the jackass had no right issuing a fatwa b/c he wasn't an imam or scholar of Islam. That's why a group of sheiks issued a second fatwa for him, to make it "legal under Islamic law."
Which is as much a load of downright CRAP as it is for Christians to try to force people into Christianity.

While I was in the middle of page 61, I suddenly became filled with real revulsion that I was actually reading detail by disgusting detail of how his killers' minds work.
It made me want to vomit just reading about it. Something about reading it unhinged me to the point of feeling I can't read this at all. It's really a vile and disgusting thing to get inside their brains, and I CERTAINLY don't WANT to spend any more time in there than strictly necessary.
That's how I feel about members of Al Qaeda. That has nothing to do with Muslims, if you ask me. Al Qaeda murdered Muslims, according to President Obama and about that I don't think he was lying.

The whole time I've been reading about Osama bin Ladin's desires and nefarious disGUSTING plans, I've wanted to throw up. I'm sorry but the dingbat was planning to kill my daughter's dad and all those other people, and he began his demented plan when my daughter was only two.
Information like that tends to upset me. We're there living our life and almost the whole time my daughter was alive, someone was plotting a scheme to have her dad killed. No matter that he didn't know Eric was one of the people he would end up killing, it doesn't matter. He was still planning it.
It's just a TAD upsetting to discover this, although I'm not going to go into detail here as to why it distresses me so much, mostly b/c IDK all the reasons.
How downright disgustingly freakin' ODD do you have to be to plan for so many years to kill people just b/c they don't think the way you do? It's crazy.

Chapter 2 and 'Bin Ladin's World View.' Excuse my language, but goddam if he isn't the most anNOYing person that ever lived; and by some MIRACLE walked on two legs instead of four.
My friend, Robb, knows an Arab guy who works for the United Nations, but he doesn't think a damn thing like Osama bin Ladin. He can't STAND Osama bin Ladin. He said Osama bin Ladin and all his friends "had no authority to issue a fatwa, b/c none of them was a scholar of Islamic Law."
The guy is really nice all the time, or every time *I* see him he's been openly friendly. But the only times I've seen him are during major holidays, times when most people are happy.
I heard him translating a speech between President Obama and an Arab leader, but it was by accident. I recognized his voice though.
He's just been so decent to me that, at first, it confused me. But after he said Osama bin Ladin and his friends had no authority to issue a fatwa, I felt a little more comfortable. Even though I don't know for sure what he means. I know he hated the attack that Al Qaeda carried out, b/c he said so, and that's good enough for me to trust him a little. Translating a speech lends even more credibility to him.

If the damn FAA, NORAD & NEADS didn't have such a long chain of command to pass current hijack information, Eric MIGHT have actually lived.
But they had to send information up a long line of command that resembled a mutated daisy chain. I mean hijackers can do a LOT to the people on the plane in the time it was taking for all these yay-hoo Air Controllers just to send information to all the right people, which would have taken too much time IMO. In an emergency rapid response it's always one of the requirements to efficiently manage the emergency.
The guy who said 'It's not our job to tell air personnel working for the airlines what to do' was OBVIOUSLY a freezing cold bastard. His response sounded like he didn't even care what happened in the first place. He was defensive the whole time they were asking him questions, and I bet that's b/c he's one of those people who don't want to do what they're doing anyway, and that type of person has no freakin' business working as an Air Traffic Controller. It's plain stupid to make him a head manager, but I'm sure he played the Kiss-up Schmooze game to get the position.
It's just ridiculous that it took them so blazing long to get things done.
The New York Fire Department, the one everyone thinks employs stellar, heroic responders did some of the same stuff. While people were dead or dying inside the towers two of the managers, who also lived, were arguing about who has the say in directing firefighters or something similar to that. I no longer remember the exact words but more than 30 units responded to the blaze, and 23 units from the New Jersey area responded to it.

from page 51: "Bin Ladin shares Qutb's stark view [of Islamic law], permitting him and his followers to rationalize even unprovoked mass murder as righteous defense of an embattled faith. Many Americans have wondered, "Why do 'they' hate us?" Some also ask, "What can we do to stop these attacks?"
Bin Ladin and al Qaeda have given answers to both these questions. To the first, they say that America had attacked Islam; America is responsible for all conflicts involving Muslims. Thus Americans are blamed when Israelis fight with Palestinians, when Russians fight with Chechens, when Indians fight with Kashmiri Muslims and when the Philippine government fights ethnic Muslims in its southern islands. America is also held responsible for the governments of Muslim countries, derided by al Qaeda as "your agents." Bin Ladin has stated flatly, "Our fight against these governments is not separate from our fight against you." These charges found a ready audience among millions of Arabs and Muslims angry at the United States because of issues ranging from Iraq [before 2001] to Palestine to America's support for their countries' repressive rulers."
2) About Osama bin Ladin: He's fuckin' crazy. We're talking 'toys in the attic, three sheets to the wind CRAZY.
I have no more to say about him. He's just crazy and that's all.

What the hell? I don't get how all these "sectors" or sections of Northeast Regional Air Defense (NORAD) could have their sectors at all points of the country but none anywhere NEAR where the planes were flying. Colorado Springs, Colorado? Panama City, Florida? Cities in Virginia?
None of those places are anywhere near where the planes were flying. Only Rome, New York was anywhere near but they called people from all those other points.
What the hell were these people supposed to actually DO from Colorado Springs, Colorado other than call somebody in Florida? Then what did THEY do?
I'm totally confused about the way this damn thing was set up. I've got to be missing some kind of information that other people aren't, b/c I have no idea why they called people in Colorado Springs, who called people in Panama City, who called people in Virginia. Rome, New York did this to alert all the centers. But why did the Colorado Springs Center need to know about something happening thousands of miles away?

from page 17: "The threat of terrorists hijacking commercial airliners within the United States--and using them as guided missiles--was not recognized by NORAD before 9/11."
No kidding. Like who would think the way Osama bin Laden was thinking? I don't even think the devil himself thinks as low and black and evil as THAT guy did.
There's something wrong with that man, and I mean that in the present tense. The evil that was his soul still exists, and there's something definitely WRONG with it.

Damn. On September 11, 2001, there were more than 20 things they tried while not one of them worked. Not even the Flight 93 deal, that everyone goes on and on about. Yes, they aVERTED the plane but what good did it do for the actual people who did it? They're still DEAD. I'd rather be alive but that's just me.
And, anyway, one of them never got to meet his daughter while he was on earth. I know that b/c I met his wife. She was 6 months pregnant and he never got to meet Morgan, who's named after him. His middle name was Morgan, so Lisa named her Morgan Kay Beamer.
She's really cute and, if I were him, I'd rather meet my daughter than be a dead "hero."
I think he'd agree with me.

from page 11: "Several FAA air traffic control officials told us it was the air carriers' responsibility to notify their planes of security problems. One senior FAA air traffic control manager said that it was simply not the FAA's place to order the airlines what to tell their pilots. We believe such statements do not reflect an adequate appreciation of the FAA's responsibility for the safety and security of civil aviation."
I don't know what "they" believe but I think they're freakin' CRAZY to be concerned about "who's allowed to tell whom what" IN THE MIDDLE OF A NATIONAL DISASTER!
I don't comprehend what's WRONG with the senior air traffic control manager, but I've worked long enough in a professional capacity to totally see that happening. I've heard so-called "professionals" lie right through their teeth whenever the fancy takes them, so I know it's completely possible that such a statement could occur.
I think the man's crazier than a LOON if THAT'S the most important thing on his mind out of all that happened that day.

from page 2: "In passing through these checkpoints, each of the hijackers would have been screened by a walk-through metal detector calibrated to detect items with at least the metal content of a .22-caliber handgun. Anyone who might have set off that detector would have been screened with a hand wand--a procedure requiring the screener to identify the metal item or items that caused the alarm. In addition, an X-ray machine would have screened the hijackers' carry-on belongings. The screening was in place to identify and confiscate weapons and other items prohibited from being carried onto a commercial flight.
None of the checkpoint supervisors recalled the hijackers or reported anything suspicious regarding their screening."

Last sentence: 'None of the checkpoint supervisors recalled the hijackers?'
WTF?--- The guy from the security in Boston at Flight 11's security specifically TOLD us he recalled Mohammed Atta. He said the guy "looked like the angriest person I'd ever seen in my life."
He said Atta looked "so angry, it made me deeply uncomfortable and I had to think about whether I was going to pass him through." He added that it took him "at least 5 minutes of thinking about it." Which was probably more than a few minutes and FELT like five. But anyway, what finally decided him was that they were all "quiet people [not causing any problems] and wearing business suits."
How in the world can the 9/11 Commission team say that "none of the checkpoint supervisors recalled the hijackers?"
I'm utterly confused by that statement.
Unless the guy who talked to US wasn't a supervisor, which I have no way of knowing now, b/c I don't even remember his name. I remember his face and voice but his name is long gone.
I DO know that I DID hear him say that. Two people were with me, and they'll remember him saying it, b/c one of them (my daughter) became visibly upset upon hearing that he let them through b/c they "were wearing business suits." She had to leave the room at that point and didn't return.
She was a freshman in high school when all this happened and not much older than 18 when the Boston checkpoint guy said this.
Anyway, I'm just saying: I'm NOT crazy, I know what I heard, and this guy comPLETEly remembered Mohammed Atta.
And now I'm totally confused about this particular part of the issue. But I guess I should think 'What the hell ELSE is new?'
I'm not going to try to understand it, b/c I KNOW what I heard, and I'm positive that at least one person working at Logan International Airport remembers Mohammed Atta.

Mohammed Atta and the two or three goons with him killed Eric and all those other people in Tower 1.
I know practically nothing about anyone but Mohammed Atta, b/c he's the one who flew the plane that crashed into Tower 1, where Eric was, which is why I know so much about Atta.
He had a Master's Degree in Urban Development. His father was a lawyer, and both his sisters were doctors. With a Ph.D in something.
He came from a wealthy family, had every opportunity in the world to make something of himself and it makes no sense why he threw it all away on committing mass murder combined with suicide.
I think he's just about the most brain-dead person that ever lived, and that's all I can safely say about my feelings toward him.
I believe what I saw on the security camera and on the Flight chart. Where they recorded the names of people and their seat numbers. They also played the tape of the two flight attendants calling into the control tower, saying they were being hijacked.

Excerpt: "Mihdhar and Moqed placed their carry-on bags on the belt of the X-ray machine and proceeded through the first metal detector. Both set off the alarm, and they were directed to a second metal detector. Mihdhar did not trigger the alarm and was permitted through the checkpoint. After Moqed set it off, a screener wanded him. He passed this inspection."
I'm sorry, but that makes no sense at ALL. How are they setting off more than one alarm and then NOT setting off the wand? And why, when the dufus set off TWO alarms did "security" think it was okay to pass him through just b/c a wand DIDN'T set off an alarm?
I simply don't get why they were so damn tolerant about a person who set off two alarms, not one but TWO? I think if they both set off the first alarm and one set off a SECOND alarm, the security officers should have made THEM stay back. That news upsets me, even though Eric was unaffected by Moqed and Mihdhar.
Not that making Mihdhar and Moqed stay off the plane would have saved Eric. Mihdhar and Moqed boarded Flight 77 at Dulles-International airport. The only people who would have benefited from keeping Mihdhar and Moqed detained are the people who worked at the Pentagon and the passengers/crew of Flight 77.
Eric, being in Tower 1, would have still died. Mohammed Atta killed Eric and all the people in Tower 1, even those who died bc the tower crushed them to death at 10:28.
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message 1: by j (new)

j i looked at your profile after seeing your comments about 9/11 on the king book, and i am just crious, does this book explain what could have been done had the planes been "found" in those crucial minutes?

"And they were (yes, it's true) exactly 1 minute too late to stop the plane they were tracking and trying to find that hit the S. Tower."

what would they have done if they had that extra minute?

Vicki G I don't know. If I could go back in time, that's what year I'd go to, and that's what 'watershed moment' I'd change. But I honestly think so many things went wrong that day that changing it from 2001 would be impossible and that it would be better to just go back to 1958, when Osama bin Laden was less than a year old and just killed him in his crib. He was the mastermind, and funded the project by giving $500,000 to it.
But killing a baby would look horrendous to people who were still unaware of what he was going to do 43 years later and I'm not honestly sure I could have looked at ANY baby, even him, and been able to get myself to actually do it.

I don't know what they were planning to do after they caught up to the planes. So far, they haven't said what they intended to do. Maybe what they did say they were planning with Flight 93, which they intended to shoot down, not really caring what the family members of people on that flight would have felt; more concerned with shooting down 38 people (not including the terrorists) to save all the people they intended to kill when they got to wherever they were planning to go with Flight 93.
I suppose they were planning to order the terrorists to land the plane or be shot down and it's obvious what the hijackers would have chosen to do. I think they would have tried to finish their missions, and the army F-15's, whatever those are, would have shot them down. In retrospect it seems obvious, but I still feel like I'm making wild guesses.
In reality, I have no idea how the military works, and the military is who I'm referring to but I forget what their acronymed name was, even though my brother's almost a career soldier now (he's been an active duty soldier since 2005.) He was in the Reserves from 1997 to 2004.
I'm not far enough along in the book to know what they were going to do, and I don't understand the military. At all.

If I had to make a wild guess I'd say they were probably going to give them a choice to land or be shot down, but only b/c that's what they finally decided with Flight 93.
My brother would be better at guessing what they would have done, but he doesn't like talking about it very often.

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