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The Synthesis by Jason Letts
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Oct 12, 10

Read from October 04 to 12, 2010

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The Synthesis, Book one of the Powerless series, tells a coming of age story of Mira Ipswitch, a fifteen year-old who comes into terms of her uniqueness as she struggles to fit in to a society where everyone else has powers - except her.

Mira was sheltered in the Cloud Cottage by her parents, afraid that she might be considered as an outcast by their society for having no special abilities or powers. Her father, uses his power to cloak their surroundings with mist and protect her from the outside world. Her mother, with the power to make a person asleep is her usual companion in their house. Although given all the things she could need and ask for in her life, Mira finds herself questioning what lies behind the mist and why can't she go out.

As she is given the freedom to go outside and go to school, she realized that fitting in may not be exactly easy, and what does that mean for her being in a society where she is the only one powerless? Against odds with other students with special abilities, Mira uses her wits and skills like that of in machinery to beat the challenges and to prove to others that she is her own ability. And with the upcoming war between Light and Dark, where does that put Mira?

This is a promising first novel from Jason Letts. The roles are reversed, where the protagonist finds herself with no special powers but is ordinary in a world where everyone is given a kind power as gift at birth. The way Mira struggles with her peers will remind you of the reality of a teenager encountering peer pressure while trying to forge her identity.

I give this novel props for imagination and giving the characters a relatable identities, which most teenagers can connect with. Some readers may or may not find this as good as the others. But I know fantasy lovers can agree that this one is pretty interesting. In the beginning I was a bit lost at the writing style but once I get passed that, I was able to enjoy the experience and was glad I was able to read the book.

Now I am just glad that the second book in the Powerless series, The Shadowing, is now out. Definitely will have to read this one. Because there is more to Mira, the secrets in the past, and her role in the coming war - a war where each of them will need to prepare.

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