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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
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Dec 11, 2010

did not like it
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Read from November 13 to 14, 2010 — I own a copy , read count: 1

I really wanted to like this book. Hot Vampires, a secret underworld, way glowing rabid fan-girl reviews, what's not to like about that? Instead I was treated to more of the same formula: likable girl (who is mostly a loner) meets dark vampire, they have mortal-immortal issues to work out, vampire has to save girl from bad guys (and from herself), they fall in love, the end (or is it?). The twist of course is that this good girl is actually half-vampire. The writing is extremely formulaic, and follows a typical horror novel plot line: there is a soulless satanic-like bad guy out there, they just need to find him and beat him at his own game. There are bad cops, good cops, and human allies who might actually be enemies. We have some really wonderful baby powder scented villains (no, I'm not joking) who are trying to kill all the honorable vampires. Mr. X as he's called is the most one dimensional villain that I've ever read. His scenes are really quite disgusting. There must only be 26 of these soulless, zombie villains because we would run out of letters pretty quickly otherwise and would have to think up real names.

My biggest problem, though, is with the Brotherhood itself. There's something really annoying about a bunch of oversized vampires who listen to rap music, wear the requisite leather, tattoos, trench coats and "shitkickers" (insert eye-rolling), refer to one other as "my brother" (as in, "What up, my brother?"), use a middle-aged-white-woman's notion of a tough-guy's slang phrases, and are sadly given some of the stupidest names I've ever seen in a work of fiction: Rhage, Phury, Tohrment, Vishous, and Zsadist. As if adding additional letters to their names gives them some sort of vampire street credibility? The vampires have ancient society with it's own customs and even their own language, but the names of the warriors and protectors of their kind read like a pre-teen goth girl picking names for her future children? Even the sole human has a totally unsexy name: Butch. I can't explain why, but for some reason those names alone make me want to throw the books across the room.

The Brotherhood live and sleep together, drink blood and beer together, and have a great male bonding--but differing opinions about women. One disdains them; another rapes them; another takes all the women he can get, etc. They have been like this for centuries until they meet the heroine, who is like no other female on the planet, of course. The heroine is the one gorgeous half vampire/half human who can change any man she meets by her looks and feisty personality alone, wouldn't you know. She transforms this motley crew into a sensitive, caring, woman respecting clan. Can you say Mary Sue?

There is quite a bit of explicit sex in these books, but it doesn't feel very erotic, for some reason. The "romance" of the book was based upon an extremely unlikely love-at-first-sight experience followed by smut. The characters aren't very likable, so there's no feeling of connection to them and therefore no real caring about what happens to any of them. In all honesty, I've read online fan fiction that is far better than anything found in this book.

I'm still baffled by other people's glowing reviews. Very bad writing, clichéd romance book, grown men talk like teenage girls ("I outie"). If you're in the mood for a trashy romance book then this is the perfect read but if you are a horror/fantasy book reader skip this sophomoric nauseating drivel.

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Book Details:

Title Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)
Author J.R. Ward
Reviewed By Purplycookie
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Joyzi Lol yeah I agree this is more of a romance not horror, duh...Why do you think it's a horror vampire book in the first place?

Seeing that you don't like the first better not read the other books since they're more of the same formula and I think the target audience of the book are women and I don't really see these books read by males for some reason.

PurplyCookie It's horror based on the supernatural elements it has but then marketed as a erotic paranormal romance book. Do look up other book lists wherein it's listed under horror.

No, I'd rather do something akin to self torture than read more of this book series. In fact, I'm throwing away my copy of this seeing as I don't want to inflict pain to other readers.

I never did mention that the target audience are men; obviously this was written for a female audience.

Joyzi Hey just give me the book if you rather throw it :P

Jasmin I hated this book too. But since I feel left out, I tried the next one and I honestly liked Rhage's story. I'm not forcing the series down your throat, but your review just reminded me of how I hated this book. XD

Joyzi Yeah I agree Rhage Story was like Beauty and The Beast, only Beauty has cancer, if that make sense?

Just read it! I love that one too!

PurplyCookie Thanks for the support Jasmin :)
I think I'll pass on Rhage's story for now. In fact, I already returned my copy of this book to the bookstore. I can't stand even having it physically joining my book collection.
But i'm still on the look out for steamy vamp lit out there ;p

Chanté hey guys :) well I persevered through the whole series (believe it or not) and the only book that really stood out was lover unbound.... Maybe give it a bash if you have a few minutes, you might just get into it.

Another steamy vamp lit I'm reading at the moment is the Christine Feehan Carpathian series... it starts with Dark Prince (which is a bit bland) but does pick up momentum where you start to relate to the characters and their sense of humor. If you ever come across it let me know what you think :)

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Erin I could not agree more with se of your review. TO be honest me. X was my favorite he seem to have more action going on then the Vamps. And "marking their mate" known has shellans. To me that sounded animalistic like a dog pissing on a tree to mark his territory. What woman human or vampire would find this sexy? And of course the main character lead lady Beth has she is named is the most gorgeous female to walk the planet in centuries. I mean really? So common!! And I didn't like the whole Brotherhood society either. The name first of all was not catchy and it didn't sound very dark .

Erin Sorry for the inset of words and unfinished words damn auto correct is on. I hate that.

PurplyCookie Thanks for liking my review, Erin Michelle! :)

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