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Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers
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Oct 02, 2010

really liked it
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I have to admit at first I was turned off by this book due to its cover. It just did not grab me and I know they say you should not judge a book by its cover. Fortunately Lisa Desrochers is coming out here for a book signing and I had the opportunity to get a copy to review. Thank goodness things worked out the way it did because I really enjoyed this book!

The Characters

The book alternates from Frannie’s point of view to Luc’s point of view. It was strange not to have Gabriel’s point of view as he is the third main character.

Frannie was an interesting character as she is obviously the black sheep in her ultra-religious family. The one thing that did irk me about her was how she would claim to love Luc but also feel in love with Gabriel and wanting to make out with both guys even while she appears to be committed to one or the other. But to give her the benefit of the doubt it cannot be easy being around both an angel and a sexy as heck demon.

Luc, sigh, what can I say about a sexy, sweet, smokin’, hot, ummm…did I mention good looking demon? I loved watching him fall for Frannie and struggling with his assignment to tag Frannie for Hell. He had a great sense of humor and you just have to smile reading some of his lines.

Gabriel on the other hand just never grew on me and I actually found myself disliking his character. I have to admit feeling a little guilty about disliking an angel but I think his character suffered because we never really get to see inside his head. Other than him being an angel I don’t see why Frannie really seemed to fall in love with him and what made it so hard to choose between him and Luc. In fact, at some points he just comes off as a jerk. When at one point he admits he would be willing to give up his wings for Frannie that just seems to come totally out of the blue. I did not feel like there was any indication that she was anything more than an assignment to him.

The Romance

The chemistry between Frannie and Luc was steamy and you could feel the romantic tension between the two. I loved seeing them together and the conflict each feels about their feelings towards one another. Like I mention above I just did not get the romance between Gabriel and Frannie. I really wish there were more there.

The Story Line

The story line was amazing as we find out that Frannie has a power that is likened to that of what people like Moses and Hitler possessed and both Heaven and Hell want control of that power. I cannot go into too much detail here without revealing too much but I definitely did not want to put this book down once I started reading.

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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca I agree about the cover... it looks like a trashy romance novel, and the girl on the cover must be about 35! What were they thinking?

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