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Rampaging Fuckers of Everything on the Crazy Shitting Planet ... by Mykle Hansen
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Oct 02, 10

Read in September, 2010

OK, so I gravitate towards strange fiction, but this was a little too much for me. I guess I’m a little too old, a little too squeamish, a little too conservative. Yes, these are actually very “interesting” stories, but they are too… well, GROSS actually. I felt the same way when I read some Carlton Mellick III books many years ago, except Mellick’s books lack ANY socially redeeming value. I think Hansen’s books could actually pass for decent reads, with an engaging premise, if the environments surrounding the stories weren’t so disgusting.

I actually laughed quite a few times when Mykle turned a few phrases that I think are exceptionally well written. In fact, I often forgot that, especially in the second of the three novelettes, that the entire narrative is taking place in the colon of a comatose geriatric coke hoar. And therein lies the audacity and the insanity of this Bizarro tale. If the same set of circumstances had occurred, perhaps, at a diner, or a children’s birthday party, or in a sewer, the story wouldn’t have been so crazy; a little too crazy for my tastes, but that’s just me.

I thought the first novelette was far too puerile and just a silly exercise in penis worship. I swapped stories like this with my friends on the playground when I was in kindergarten, and never after.

The satire in the final piece was great. But, once again, the whole idea that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, occurs in a world covered with feces (raining feces, seas of feces, people eating feces covered food) just grossed me out. If you can cut through the shit, and in this case it actually is, literally, shit, there is an interesting story going on here. Throw in a little nun raping and other equally absurd details and you’ve got a real portal into the twisted, deviant and unsavory world of an author who I wish would use his talents in a more accessible way.
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