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Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff
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The third and final? book in the Tony Foster series was definitely my favorite. It was nice to get out of the haunted house and back to Toronto at large.

Tony has been promoted at work he's now a sort of assistant director in training. Which means, he does almost exactly what he used to do. *g*

During the course of this book Tony goes from partially to mostly out of the closet with his co-workers. Not being gay, being a wizard. *g*

The big bad of the book is a demon whose handmaiden is immortal due to a little mix up in runic magic. She was supposed to die as a sacrifice to the demon, instead she's been living for thousands of years. And the demon is stuck in one of the many hells. He and many lessor demons are trying to escape.

The demon in question feeds on sex through his handmaiden, making them a sort of succubus/incubus pair. Only their particular sex magic only feeds on heterosexual pairings, so Tony is immune.

Like the previous two books the sexual foreplay - looks, kisses, and bantering - is equally gratifying, maybe even bumped up a bit. This book, however, moves to actual sex. Unfortunately, despite the potential, it's pretty much fade to black sex. And when that sex includes some out of control vamp action, and a m/m/f threesome, fade to black is incredibly frustrating.

There is a resolution of Tony's endless is he/isn't he flirting with Lee. I'll let you read to see exactly what that resolution is. *g*

Nice to see this side of the two Henry Fitzroy series ending on an up note.

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