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The Icing on the Cupcake by Jennifer Ross
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Oct 09, 2010

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To a certain extent, this novel is quite enchanting. There are, however, several main plots that I disagree to wholeheartedly.

Towards the end of the novel, our main character Ansley Waller got hit by a car by Patty, her jealous sorority sister back from Dallas. Ansley went airborne from the impact and suffered a broken wrist, concussion, and an array of bruises. Instead of reporting it to the authority, she refrained herself and played the cat-and-mouse game with Patty in hope of upping her popularity back in hometown Dallas...

Was she too stoned from eating poppyseed cupcakes? Perhaps she was too sedated to make a logical decision. But Parish, her ex-fiance, is twisted in his own logic too. Instead of leaving Patty the homicidal fiance, he made excuses for her action and believed that she must have loved him so much that she would kill to gain his love. This logic is beyond normal comprehension! I wouldn't be surprised that he would be cannibalized by Patty because of her love some day in the future.

There is no enough moral backbone for this novel. The only saving grace is the cupcake recipes at the end of every chapter.

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Jennifer Gee, thanks for the spoiler alert.

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