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Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr
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Feb 27, 11

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Recommended for: Fans of the series; contemporary romance fans
Read from February 25 to 26, 2011

Not my favorite of the Virgin River series, but still a darn good book. I think my only problem with it was the lack of romance, or should I say, the fact that the romance between the H/h in this book didn't seem to be front-and-center. I'd say the majority of this book revolved around the character of the young, troubled teen Courtney, the hero's step-daughter. Interesting character, and believably written, and not all that easy to like at first. But once Ms. Carr delved into her background, I could certainly sympathize with her, and towards the end of the story, when her crappy biological father came back in to her life, my heart just broke for her!

This story is about overworked, blonde, pretty, and curvy San Francisco sous-chef Kelly Matlock, 33, who heads to Virgin River when her career, her love-life (with a mega-rich, well-known, Emeril-esque chef with the unfortunate name of Luca Brazzi--didn't he "sleep with the fishes' in The Godfather?),

Luca Brasi, (rt.)...

Emeril as Luca Brazzi...

and even her health ends up in the toilet. A time-out in her life is definitely needed, so Kelly heads to Virgin River where her sister Jill (Wild Man Creek) is happily co-habitating on her organic farm with her man Colin Reardon. Maybe Kelly can find some peace there and find a new direction for her former singularly focused life. While there she meets up with the newly widowed, rugged, Oscar winning screenwriter Lief Holbrook, 42, who has moved (along with his rebellious, "Goth", 14 year old step-daughter) to northern California, to escape the memories and the trouble Courtney was getting into in L.A.. Neither Kelly or Lief is expecting a relationship to develop, but that's what happens. But Lief comes with lots of baggage, and his problems with Courtney don't make having a girlfriend easy. Can Kelly hang in there--is Lief worth fighting for, or is Courtney going to be too much of a roadblock for this relationship to go anywhere?


While reading this book, I couldn't help thinking "Wouldn't this make a good Lifetime movie?" This could be a potential tour-de-force for a talented teenage actress, and wouldn't the part of her therapist be a juicy role (shades of Judd Hirsch in "Ordinary People")?

About the romance between Kelly and Lief? I dunno, something was missing there for me. They were two likable characters, but they just didn't wow me, like, say, Jilly and Colin did. I didn't feel any real intensity to their romance, and when (view spoiler)



Now, if RC continues and continues with this series (and why not? She's got a good thing going with this) maybe we'll see Courtney again. And if she comes down with SORAS--that would be Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome-- in a couple of years Courtney can age from 15 to 22, and maybe she can hook that young hottie that she was eye-ballin', Gabe Tahoma!

Fans of Robyn Carr, I think you'll at least like (if not love) this one. Yes, there was not much angst in the romance between Kelly and Lief, and they weren't the most sizzling couple, but they were likable, the story was good enough, and Robyn Carr's writing is so good that she can write the phone book and make it sound interesting. There was a time or two that I was getting tired of reading about what gourmet dish Kelly was going to whip up next (why aren't these characters 300 pounds with all the food and drink they consumed?), but all-in-all, I was just happy to be back in VR! You'll get glimpses of Jack (no Mel), Preacher, Denny, Walt, Muriel, and some of the other VR characters, so you'll feel right at home as you immerse yourself in their quaint little town. If you're a fan of YA, I think you also might enjoy this one. There's a nice little tear-jerking ending involving Kelly and Courtney, and a sweet little surprising (to me) wedding at the end. So all-in-all, a worthy effort from the uber-talented Ms. Carr, but just not one of my all time favorites. 4 stars

P.S.: I received an e-copy of this from NetGalley, but being a Robyn Carr book, I had to purchase a hard copy too!
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Kathrynn Yes, that's it EXACTLY.

message 2: by Buggy (new) - added it

Buggy Super review Auntee I have to get to this one. And I learned a new word in your review too which I intend to steal because it made me laugh

"SORAS--that would be Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome-- in a couple of years Courtney can age from 15 to 22,"

Auntee LOL--thanks Buggy! You never heard of SORAS? That's where the kids on soap operas age 5 years for every one year!:)

Splage Loved the review! I agree 100%. Not sure Courtney is good enough for Gabe, she has lots of growing up, but that is what is great about fiction RC can create a new and improved Courtney.

Auntee Thanks Splage.:)
I'm sure Courtney will come around some more...after all she lives in VR!:)

message 6: by Buggy (new) - added it

Buggy I've never heard that term before- I love it.
I just always thought it was soap opera magic where suddenly the children are the same age as the parents. Nobody goes through those awkward prepubescent years in tvlandia

Beanbag Love Great review. I haven't read this one yet, but the "no Mel" tidbit certainly shoves it up the TBR. ;^)

SORAS is a great term. How about SOIRS (Soap Opera Inevitable Resurrection Syndrome - since nobody ever dies for long on soaps).

message 8: by Auntee (last edited Feb 27, 2011 04:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Auntee "How about SOIRS (Soap Opera Inevitable Resurrection Syndrome - since nobody ever dies for long on soaps)."

So true! You're not dead until there's a body...and even then you're not always dead!

Yes, no Mel--just a reference by Jack that "Mel can't cook."

Auntee Thanks Zosia.:)
Denny gets a book already? But I'm not ready for that yet! I hope it's a real length book and not a novella.:(

message 10: by H2 (new) - rated it 5 stars

H2 I enjoy her stories, so i liked it as well. I missed some of the regulars...Preacher, the whole Riordan clan 9 I want updates on the brothers and babies), but surprisingly I did not miss Melinda...hmmmm

message 11: by Jane (new)

Jane Stewart Love the pictures - especially Lief - what a backside!! Thank you.

Auntee You're welcome!;)

Regina LOL SORAS. :)

Tokies i enjoyed this book a lot.. the only thing i didnt get is i wanted to read about the wedding!.. ima girl and that wedding sounded so interesting. ! i enjoyed this book a lot.. the only thing i didnt get is i wanted to read about the wedding!.. ima girl and that wedding sounded so interesting. ! the ending before the epilog (which rarely happens in her books) was wonderful i cried a bit.. your totally right but.. i like the way that although they werent a true lighting in the bottle it was also some what true to kelly. caution and caring. the book really felt like she was (marrying into that family) she seem even when she was not on board to be waiting for (ALL of them) even when she didnt want to admit to herself how much she really cared for all of em.. it wasnt as good of a knock out story but it was a bit more real of a story in the a way.. in parts.. pls i love that doctor spaceman

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