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To Hell and Back by Lilith Saintcrow
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Aug 22, 12

bookshelves: dante-valentine, urban-fantasy
Read from October 01 to 02, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Oi. This series has been the hardest to rate. In many ways this series was the hardest to read.

I loved the first book, Working for the Devil . It surprised me because I expected something entirely different when I read the synopsis. I loved Dante's character, I loved Japh, I loved the world (although kind of drowned in the jargon which dragged down my rating but this wasn't a series-problem just a first-book-problem), and the ending... well, that was pretty heartbreaking. If that's good or bad I'm not sure. However altogether, this was a great start and I wanted needed to read on. 4 stars

The second book, Dead Man Rising , was good. I missed Japh but the plot was strong enough to keep my attention, particularly the second half. Fast, thrilling, a whole different set of rules. Not much to say, just that it wasn't a bad follow-up. It didn't really feel like an urban fantasy. I'm not saying that as a negative thing though. 3.5 stars

The Devil's Right Hand I thought, 'Yay! Japh's back!' Hmmm... obviously the author didn't think so. Japh is hiding things from Dante and Dante's being annoying. But, you know, we can forgive them, can't we? It's all new, Japh's a demon, Dante's been through a lot and Lucifer is interfering. They need to track down four demons and there are games being played and it's all confusing and no one knows if they're coming or going. So we stick with it and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 3 stars

Saint City Sinners . Sigh. They are still having relationship issues. Might I suggest some counselling? Funnily enough Dante's having trust issues. It's not a new thing. She's so bloody hot and cold. One minute when Japh's not there it's, "I can't trust anyone. Japh's cheating on me with Lucifer." Then when he saves the day after she's been stupid and made a stupid decision (which is my pet peeve), she's all, "Japh understands me. He's sacrificed everything for me. I never say anything damn nice to him, I only bitch and whine." Rah rah rah. It's a little tiring.

I know Dante's had a bad time of it but seriously, what does Japh have to do?! It's like Falling, turning against the Devil and putting up with her's not enough. Where's the Dante from the first book gone? Her character has disintegrated into an annoying, angry, bitter person who pulls her sword out ALL the time and always jumps to the wrong conclusion.

And don't even get me started on Eve. Shesh!!!! Seriously, so many things are wrong with her and the whole situation in general. Oooohh, let's trust this demon you know nothing about instead of your own Fallen demon boyfriend. Grrrr!!!! And side-note: I know this is harsh but I really don't care about whether she looks like Doreen. I didn't know Doreen. I don't care that she's dead. And I don't care about her daughter, *exhales*. Glad I got that off my chest.

Anyway, the plot is Dante trying to track down Gabe and Eddie's killers whilst preventing Japh from killing Eve as well as Lucifer and co from killing her. It was a very fustrating book, except at one point later on, where for a couple of chapters she was hunting on her own and it reminded me of Working for the Devil and Dead Man Rising. Then Eve comes back into the picture and it's ruined again.

And the worst thing about it? I can't stop reading it. Not just this book but the whole series. I should have stopped after the first or second but I couldn't. And when you've come this far, you need to see it to the end. 3 stars

So To Hell and Back is the final book in the series. And (suprise!) I have mixed feelings. Credit where it's due, Dante has at least tried-but-still-sort-of-failed to be less irritating. She still talks about not being able to trust Japh when Japh should be the one worrying about whether he can trust her. What I really wanted was it to be more like the first book, with a few tender moments that convince the reader that they should be together, and then great action and plot. And for Eve to just die. I did prefer this book to the previous one.

And I'm glad that Japh and Dante were still alive at the end and still happily together. But my word. The end of the series and basically NOTHING is resolved. Yes, Lucifer's dead but Eve seems just as bad if not worse than he was. Hell's still in chaos. The world is suffering for it. We still don't know what was so bad about being Fallen/hedaira. So bad that Japh wouldn't tell Dante anything about what she was since it would make her hate him. And if we did find out, it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be because I can't remember it.

We also didn't find out what was up with Lucas. Why Death turned from him. He was intriguing throughout and to come to the end and not find out, well it's quite fustrating. I don't think it was even confirmed if he was a Necromance or not.

And we can only speculate what happened to Leander. And what McKinley's hand was all about. And his and Vann's history. What exactly they were. What Abra was. How Kgembe knew Japh. Some of what Japh did when he wasn't with Dante. How he got white in his hair. What he paid Lucas. If Eve was really Dante's daughter. And there are probably more unanswered questions. Does anyone think it's wierd that Lucifer's daughter is his consort? *shudders* I suppose all the demons are his "children". In that case, demons have serious problems. But that's for another day. 3.5 star

Overall I did like the series I think. I couldn't stop reading it anyway. There are things that I like that I haven't really said that much about so my rating will have to do because these books are hurting my brain and this review has gone on too long. For the series overall: 3.5 stars

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message 1: by Mariya (new)

Mariya it would be nice if there was paragraphs in your review b/c its kinda gets difficult to read witout any spaces.

Josie Well there are paragraphs but I probably should've put lines in to make it easier. I don't really like to go back and edit reviews though but if ever I write a long review like that again (I didn't expect it to get that length) then I will do.
To be honest, I didn't really think that people would read it, I only wrote it because I had all these feelings and thoughts inside my head and I wanted to just let the series go and move on!! So yeah, that was the only reason really. Hope you liked the series anyway :)

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