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Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
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** spoiler alert ** Now that I finished this, a part of me wonders why it took me this long to start it in the first place! Oh, what a wonderful addition -and partly an end- to this series.

This one was about Sin, the Smurfette -Oh Wraith!-, and Con, the half werewolf half vampire dream-come-true. Do I need to make it clear that I love him? No? Alright then.

I absolutely loved this story. It had emotions, strength, love, battle, friendship, sibling love and loyalty. And probably some more. We already knew a bit about Con and Sin from the previous book where they had a brief -and hot!- encounter but with this book we got to learn a lot about their characters and their pasts that shaped them to this day.

I was under the impression that Con was the kind of guy who's old and in control and demanding but he blew me away in this book. Sure, he's tough and has this impressive aura that gives away vibes of danger and sex but he's also very scarred and detached and vulnerable. He's of a species that few know about and are scared of so I think that's why he's able to connect with Sin better than anyone else. He's immediately drawn to her sexually and let's face it, no surprise there, but soon realizes that he wants more and that his desire for her goes deeper than the physical. It always makes me happy to read a guy like him to fall and fall hard for a woman.

Sin is not so different. She's spent her life at the hands of others, meeting their demands, prisoned. All she ever wants is her freedom and up until the very end of the book, even after she becomes the master assassin, she's not truly free. If she's not bound to someone else, she's limited by her own actions. She refuses to feel at all because in her world that's a weakness you pay with your life. I felt so bad for Sin, she was a true fighter, a very strong female and I admired her courage throughout the book.

The relaitonship Con and Sin had was a delight to read, it gradually increased from physical attraction under the circumstances to a tender connection, devotion and love. And it couldn't have been more believable and better told. With every paragraph, every chapter I could see how they were becoming closer and closer to each other and to a fate that would bind them forever.

Talking about relationships, I have to say I loved the one the siblings had here. The devotion they had for each other was just very beautiful. Especially the part where they all thought Con was dead and while Sin had her breakdown, how they held her so close..*sigh* Yeah, I'm a sucker for emotion so sue me.

There were many laugh out loud moments in this one. I realized I enjoy Larissa Ione's sense of humor, she cracked me up on many occasions. When Shade came to see Con after he was trying to detox on his own and offered a bag of Sin's blood to him, does anyone remember what happened? Yes, ladies, that's the scene. If you're anything like me that part of the book is etched to your brains as well, it was flat out hilarious! Damn, Ione, you sure know how to play a girl's mind! :)

I loved the whole big family thing, I'm glad all the Sem brothers and sister all found their one and only and finally came together and now have their much deserved one big happy family picture. I'm looking forward to the updates about them in the future books, kinda wish to read about Lore and Idess' baby -another wonderful moment when he asked his brothers about that, aww- and if, and yes please, Tayla gets pregnant.

I gotta admit, I wasn't very familiar about the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, so I'm going to look that up since that's the storyline for the spinoff series. I did enjoy the exerpt though, I love it when an author takes something and makes it their own.

Let me see, there are probably some stuff that I forgot to mention even though I freaked out about them while reading. Well, no need to say this but there were some pret-ty nice love scenes in this one. As some of my friends pointed it out to me, I will never be able to look at playing in the snow the same way I did before this book. Snowballs and rolling around in the snow has forever changed for me.

ps. I knew I'd forget about something. LUC! How could I have forgotten about the smexy werewolf after I wished him to have a HEA of his own?! And I did freak out about his HEA! I was so so happy to read that he found someone too, and a baby yes!, I really loved that guy. The part where he thought to himself that Kar looked 'adorable' in his socks and right before I read him mindslap himself I thought 'why, Luc, since when do you call anyone adorable??' lol.
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11/07/2010 page 254
64.0% ""'..But what else is going on with you and her?' A knowing smile curved Wraith's mouth. 'Duh. He's boning her.'" -Ah, the ever so sweet and romantic Wraith :)"
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92.0% "OMFG! My mind is reeling with images now thanks to Con and Shade *sigh* ;D And OMFG CONNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Fairyblood OOooo, I second that. Conall is the sexiest of the lot.

Heather This is in my TBR pile in my room. Do you think I need to read this in order of the series? It's the only I have.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Fairyblood, I know!! There's just something so appealing about a man who bites ;D

Heather, I highly recommend reading this series in order. This book's storyline actually starts from the previous one, there's this one problem they're dealing with that first appeared in the previous book. And it's good for getting to know the characters and where they're coming from. A lot of stuff happened to them for the reader to connect with.
This is the only one I own at the moment too, I just had to have it when it came out, the rest I borrowed from the library :)

Heather See-my library has NONE of the others. So I might have to wing it, and read it as a stand-alone for now.

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Ah, that's too bad. I hate when that happens! I've got some series I wanna read but the library surprisingly has the second or third books but not the firsts! I don't know what's up with that.

Well, it's a series where each book features one couple so I guess you can try to read it as a stand-alone if you want to. If there's anything you wonder about while reading, you can always ask and I'll do my best to explain :)

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) I'll be honest, I didn't read the Demonica series in order either. I read Sin Undone first then went from book 1 then to book 3 and 4. I couldn't find Shade's book in the stores. But it's def better to read them in order. I wish I did. But either way, this series is the shit.:)

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Annie wrote: "But either way, this series is the shit.:) "

Agreed. :D

Rhonda This was my FAVORITE in the series, and I loved them all!!! And YESSSS, CON!!!! *stutters, drools, picks tongue up off the floor*
Uh, yea!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LOL Rhonda!! I find myself in similar situations ALL the freaking time ever since I started reading this book! Damn, my mind is filled with sexy scenarios!! :D

Rhonda Enjoy!!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Yeah Gokce! Awesome review! So glad you read this one! I'm racking my brains out trying to remember that part about Shade and Con and the detox thing. Can't remember! Gotta look it up!

And SNOWBALL!? *nods head* Yeah, knew that that would get a reaction from you. LOL. Suddenly I'm excited about winter.

Omg, this is so weird but I thought the exact same thing about Luc and the adorable socks thing.

message 12: by Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ (last edited Nov 08, 2010 01:16PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ OMG Annie!! Yo, p.349 ;D

Ah, the winter has all the good stories! Oh God, winter, snow, nothing is the same anymore! Lol.

LOL. It was so not like him to say something like that which of course made him more awesome! :D

Thanks Annie!

Rhonda Heather wrote: "This is in my TBR pile in my room. Do you think I need to read this in order of the series? It's the only I have."

YES, YES!!! Read in order!!!

Rhonda Annie wrote: "Yeah Gokce! Awesome review! So glad you read this one! I'm racking my brains out trying to remember that part about Shade and Con and the detox thing. Can't remember! Gotta look it up!

And SNOWB..."

Since I live in Memphis, Tennessee....We don't get much snow here, lucky if we get any, just cold! :o(

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Oh noes Rhonda.. Even though I have seen more than my fair share of snow, I can't remember much snowing in the last couple of years. I think..Everthing's messed up with the world now, seasons intertwine..

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) LMAO! I just looked it up! I remember now! Geez, how the hell could I forget something that like! Shade's response is HILARIOUS! "I fucking hope not". Man, my mind is replaying that over and over and over.

Hey Rhonda, no worries. Just grab some shaved ice. :P

Rhonda Lmao!!!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Oh it's etched to my brain. LMAO!!!

Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Damn! you make me wanna read the book again!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Lol!! It was really awesome! ;D

Lady Allison Great book, Gokce! I never got around to writing my review for this one but it was 5 PLUS stars!!! Definitely my favorite in the series! I'm so glad you read this series, I knew you would like it! ;)

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Oh yeah, Alli, I absolutely love love love this series! A bit sad that it's ended but hopefully the couples will make appearances ;)
An absolute fave, like you said!

Lady Allison Oh yeah, I loved it when Con got pissed because Sin had a fling with one of the Horsemen, I'm so looking forward to her new series!

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ LMAO!! I know! 'Big horse. Compensating much?' LMAO!! Oh, Con!!

Lady Allison Love him!!! He cracked me up the whole book & as much as I adore Wraith, I'm pretty sure he's my favorite of the men

Gokce ~Muslin Myst~ Oh yeah, this book was pretty funny thanks to him. He's really an awesome guy with a lot of good lines :)

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