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Whispers at Midnight by Karen Robards
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Sep 28, 10

bookshelves: romantic-suspense
Read in February, 2009

He likes her but rejects her because he wants his freedom and he doesn’t want to hurt her. It was ok, a little different.

Carly was abandoned by her mother when 8 years old. She was placed in an orphanage for a short while until her grandmother came to get her and raise her. As a teenager, Matt worked odd jobs to help support his single mother and sisters. He was around Carly a lot since he worked for her grandmother. He and Carly were good friends growing up. He was always like a big brother to her. In a moment of weakness Matt took Carly’s virginity the night of her Senior prom. Matt felt so guilty he avoided her afterwards. Carly was in love with Matt, and she was hurt by his avoidance. She moved away and married a lawyer who eventually cheated on her. Twelve years later, divorced Carly returns to her hometown. She inherited her grandmother’s home and plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Matt is now the county sheriff, a job he took so he could support his three sisters after his mother died. Matt dreams of being free of responsibility. After his sisters are gone, he plans to quit his job and take off on his motorcycle for a life of freedom from responsibility for awhile. Carly and Matt are physically drawn to each other. Matt fights his attraction since he knows Carly is the marrying kind. He doesn’t want to hurt her when he leaves town later. Carly still loves Matt and tries to convince him that sex with no strings is what she wants. I takes awhile, but he finally gives in and they have hot and passionate sex.

Meanwhile, a man killed two women and wants to kill Carly. His initial attempts are thwarted due to Carly’s luck and her pets. Matt is investigating.

I liked it, but I can’t say I really liked it. The best parts were the interesting characters. However, I was hesitant about Carly. For much of the story she is mad at Matt. She calls him names and acts like she doesn’t like him. He knows she has always loved him and still loves him. More than once, he kisses her and then says we can’t do this. So she gets mad and hits him or stomps off. Even after they have sex, she gets mad at him. If you can get past her snits and hissy-fits the rest of the story is ok. I think the author is a pretty good story teller.

I loved and agree with another reviewer’s comment. DW “Love to Read” wrote: “After raising his three sisters after their Mom died, all Matt wanted was to experience a little freedom and ride off into the sunset on his Harley. And you know what? I really wanted that for him too. Instead he gets caught by ex-bestfriend Carly and ends up proposing to her out of duty/honor and because he doesn’t want to break her heart again. Oh be still my heart.”

Although I would have liked seeing Matt have some freedom for awhile, it’s the author’s story, not mine, so she gets to choose. However, she should have at least shown us why Matt changed his mind and decided to marry Carly.

An unexpected heroine is the dog Annie who more than once saves the day. Annie was an abandoned, starving dog that Carly took in and loved.

It's the middle of the day. People are inside and outside the church, including a security guard. The bad guy is near a door inside the church. He grabs the victim and holds a chloroformed cloth over her face. He then carries her to his vehicle. How is it that no one sees him carry her out the church and over to his vehicle? I wish the author would have used a more logical method for the bad guy to kidnap her.

Story length: 456 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: 28. Setting: current day Benton, Georgia. Copyright: 2003. Genre: romantic suspense.

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Mademoiselle Charlotte I agree about that scene in church.And it often seemed like Robards didn't really plan this book,just sat down and wrote whatever came to her mind first...:/

Jane Stewart I like what you said. How hard is it to give things a little more thought before writing? She’s a talented author. Too many talented authors do this. Oh well. Thanks for writing Mademoiselle.

Mademoiselle Charlotte You're welcome.

message 4: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY I wanted to listen to another oldie, having just finshed a new-ish MM romance. When I read your review, the first thing that popped into my mind was - "Go! Take off on your bike and see the world!" and I knew I'd hate for Matt to have his dream put aside because of some woman who's clearly coming with a ton of baggage. So, I'll skip this but...did he ever ride off on his motorbike? Read this when it was released and can't remember.

Jane Stewart ElaineY wrote: "did he ever ride off on his motorbike?"..."

Oh Yes I agree “Go! Take off on your bike!” I don’t remember exactly, but sadly, I don’t think he took off. Because I was complaining that the author did not tell us why he changed his mind and married Carly instead of taking off.

message 6: by ElaineY (last edited Jun 24, 2014 04:28PM) (new) - added it

ElaineY Jane wrote: "ElaineY wrote: "did he ever ride off on his motorbike?"..."

Oh Yes I agree “Go! Take off on your bike!” I don’t remember exactly, but sadly, I don’t think he took off. Because I was complaining ..."

I started on it but somehow lost interest after a few chapters. I would have continued or gone back to it except that I can't get that out of my head - giving up his bike journey to stay put and marry a woman he knows isn't the type to take off the bike with him:(

My idea of romantic fiction is the heroine doing just that - taking off with the hero on his bike! Especially after her divorce. I can't ride a bike so that's the fiction for me and getting married after we've seen the world on a bike (or even just the Pacific North-West) is Romance. Sigh. Thinking Converse threw that away for a white picket fence in a small town, grubby kids, squalling, drooling, snot-licking babies and barefoot pregnant-again wife...aargh!

This book was written in 2002 (Published 2003) so while a dozen years ago, it's something I'd associate with a romance written in the 80s...or 50s. Hehe.

Jane Stewart ElaineY wrote: "threw that away for a white picket fence in a small town, grubby kids, squalling, drooling, snot-licking babies and barefoot pregnant-again wife...aargh!..."

Boy you really know how to crush a happy ending – very funny.

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