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Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Sep 28, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, 5-star-romance
Read in January, 2009

I loved this book.

There are TWO VERSIONS of this book. Glitter Baby was first published in 1987. The version I read was published in 2009 and includes changes made by the author.

Fleur is the most beautiful woman in the world. Her parents are among the worst. Fleur reluctantly becomes a model and an actress at the request of her mother. Jake is a brilliant playwright and Hollywood’s hottest actor. Jake does not want to use Fleur in his movie, but the director hires her. She is 19 and he is 28. That is how they meet. The main story is about Fleur who is living a glamorous life, and then has nothing, then amazingly brings herself back to the world, developing brains, strength and relationships along the way. She also must handle and fight through some tough obstacles.

The first 57 pages of the book are about Belinda, Fleur’s mother, who is not fun to read about. Belinda is beautiful, superficial and manipulative. The story gets a lot better once Fleur is in the picture. One of the tragedies in Fleur’s life is having Belinda as a mother.

After the first 57 pages, I did not want to put the book down. The book has a happy and fulfilling ending. I was so emotionally drawn into the characters and events. The author takes her time to develop intriguing and complex characters. This book was longer than most romance novels.

As I reread this in 2014 I was reminded of how good this kind of writing is when compared to many New Adult books. Glitter Baby has a lot of angst that is good, because the angst is from character conflicts. Too many New Adult books have most of their angst within the main character’s head - like “I’m damaged. I’m no good for anyone. I hurt people close to me.” Many New Adult books have too much wallowing in self pity. In Glitter Baby, she hits the bottom and suffers, but she takes interesting action and does neat things.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 429 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words but not often used. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 13, half of them are briefly referred to with no details. Setting: From 1955 to the mid 1980s in New York City, Southern California, France and other locations. Genre: contemporary romance.

To date, I’ve read all books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, except for the first one which is out of print (The Copeland Bride). Dates below are copyright dates. In the two series I recommend reading them in order (but not required). Some characters have minor parts flowing into future books. It’s nice knowing their backgrounds.

5 stars. Glitter Baby 1987 & 2009 Fleur Savagar model & Jake Koranda actor and playwright
5 stars. Fancy Pants 1989 Francesca Day English & Dallas Beaudine golfer, have son Ted
5 stars. Lady Be Good 1999 Emma Wells-Finch English school headmistress & Kenny Traveler golfer
5 stars. First Lady 2000 Cornelia Case is wife of US President & Matt Jorik journalist, adopt teenager Lucy
4 stars. The Great Escape 2012 Lucy Jorik & Patrick Shade “Panda” security. Read this right after First Lady since Lucy has a significant role in both books.
4 ½ stars. Call Me Irresistible 2011 Meg Koranda & Ted Beaudine, their parents in first two books above

5 stars. It Had To Be You 1994 Phoebe Somerville smart but hides it & Dan Calebow head coach
5 stars. Heaven, Texas 1995 Gracie Snow nursing home worker & Bobbie Tom Denton wide receiver
5 stars. Nobody’s Baby But Mine 1997 Jane Darlington genius PhD & Cal Bonner quarterback
4 stars. Dream A Little Dream 1998 Rachel single mom & Gabe brother of Cal Bonner. Gabe, his family, and the town were introduced in Nobody’s Baby But Mine.
4 stars. This Heart Of Mine 2001 Molly Somerville childrens book author & Kevin Tucker quarterback
5 stars. Match Me If You Can 2005 Annabelle Granger matchmaker & Heath Champion sports agent
5 stars. Natural Born Charmer 2007 Blue Bailey artist & Dean Robillard quarterback

(not read) The Copeland Bride 1983 (writing as Justine Cole)
2 stars. Just Imagine (aka Risen Glory) 1984 Kit Weston & Baron Cain
5 stars. Hot Shot 1991 Susannah Faulconer, Sam Gamble, & Mitch Blaine, computer industry execs
3 stars. Honey Moon 1993 Honey Moon, Dash Coogan, & Eric Dillon, actors
4 stars. Kiss An Angel 1996 Daisy Devreaux & Alex Markov, working in a circus
3 stars. Breathing Room 2002 Isabel psychologist & Ren movie star in Tuscany
4 stars. Ain’t She Sweet? 2004 Sugar Beth Carey & Colin Byrne author
5 stars. What I Did For Love 2009 Georgie & Bram actors
3 ½ stars. Heroes Are My Weakness 2014 Annie & Theo
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message 1: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Thank you for your review, Jane. I tried this 3 years ago but struggled badly with the back story because it felt so long. I thought it would end up being a major part of the book so I DNF'd it. With your 5-star review on the audio and that this is a revised version, I'll go buy the Audible audio:)

Jane Stewart As I mentioned, I did not enjoy the beginning about Belinda. I’m not sure how you’ll feel about the next section, but the best part is Fleur after she hits rock bottom. I did the paperback not the audio. I hope the audio is the revised version. As I mentioned, there is angst, but it’s good story telling angst. I hope you’ll like it.

On another subject, I won’t be as active on Goodreads for a while. I came under pressure to do a huge project for the next few months. I realized I have to stop writing book reviews since they are taking too much time. So I’m rereading favorite old books and staying away from new books for a while. New books create too much temptation for me to spend time writing my thoughts. I’m currently rereading S E Phillips’ books. I’m editing some of those reviews to add things to the Data section that I didn’t do earlier. That doesn’t take too much time.

message 3: by ElaineY (new) - added it

ElaineY Jane wrote: "As I mentioned, I did not enjoy the beginning about Belinda. I’m not sure how you’ll feel about the next section, but the best part is Fleur after she hits rock bottom. I did the paperback not th..."

Thanks for letting me know you won't be around for awhile as I follow your reviews. Hope you'll enjoy the project but hope you can take a break now and then and just post a short review or comment! All the best for the new year:)

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