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Needful Things by Stephen King
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Sep 27, 10

I remember reading this probably in middle school--6th or 7th grade maybe. I wasn't allowed to read Stephen King books, as my parents deemed them too violent and explicit for my burgeoning mind. I was spending a week with my grandparents, and as per their way, we went to the bookstore to get a book for the week. I picked out Needful Things. They looked at the book, and inquired if I was allowed to read it. They suggested I move to the classics section, but I was bent on getting this book. They obliged and for the next week I delved into King's world of macabre.

Even then, I realized it was just so-so. While Leland Gaunt's store captivated me, the execution of King's moral story on "buyer beware", was bloated and overdone. What was done in 700+ pages could have unfolded in much less.

So, maybe my parents and grandparents were right--I should've stuck to classics. But, when you're that age, you need to find things out for yourself.

Since then I've read a number of King's books and never have been bowled over by them. I still need to get into the Dark Tower series though.

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