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Libyrinth by Pearl North
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** spoiler alert ** merde, merde, merde. I waited a WHOLE MONTH to read this book and it was sh************ Characters: Sucked. Most of it focusing on Haly and Clauda, the two 'main' characters, who I absolutely hated. One was a typical whiny, shy girl and the other was all go rebellion, I CAN DO IT! Urg. made me want to die. Nod was the only character I actually liked and he was there for comic relief and plot devices so... Plot: Surprisingly this was probably the best part of the entire thing, it would have been a great scifi book if you know everything else had worked out. Writing: Urg....I pushed myself through this thing and it was just bad. All in all, a HUGE disappointment. I'm only giving it points for nod and plot, everything else, again, killed the novel for me. 2/5

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