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Perdido Street Station by China Miéville
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Mar 06, 2015

it was amazing
Read from January 06, 2012 to January 31, 2015

A classic. It is a long book, full of beautiful images and ideas. I highly recommend it. I'm going to reread it again. Brilliant. Beautiful.

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Reading Progress

01/06/2012 page 14
04/16/2013 page 24
3.0% "Its a slow slog, not because of the book but because I'm trying to read this while I'm still half asleep on the bus in the morning and its hard to concentrate with the chatty charlie's I ride the bus with. LOL The descriptions are like candy, it is a beautiful book full of oddness and wonder. I am going to finish it this time. I love Mieville's stuff and this is his masterpiece, superior to King Rat . . ."
04/17/2013 page 38
6.0% "All of this I've read before countless times, having started this novel on multiple occasions. Its utterly brilliant for what it does for fantasy fiction which is shatter its comfortable place and explode it in fun new ways. So yeah, its beautiful and always fun reading but I can't wait to get somewhere I haven't been. Must read faster."
04/18/2013 page 46
7.0% "Still going along, and the story is starting to pick up. But even when its not, the description of the town and the world and the characters in it, totally awesome."
04/22/2013 page 56
8.0% "I wish I had more time to read this book. I love the Garuda's story especially when he speaks his own inner thoughts, which so far isn't often. I love that the story follows different characters, its about the city as much as the characters in it. Really awesome . . ."
04/23/2013 page 66
10.0% "At ten pages a day, *sighs* I imagine I'll be finished in 3 months????!!!! Dude . . . *cries* I must start reading this faster. LOL Though the book is well worth the adventure."
04/25/2013 page 78
12.0% "I'd forgotten about the fair, creapy and cool. But my reading is slowing down . . . nOooooooooooo!"
05/21/2013 page 150
24.0% "yay, I'm finally reading stuff I hadn't read before. But the book is slowing down a little . . . still its a cool world to get lost in. I love Bas Lag."
05/23/2013 page 155
24.0% "Stupid junkie . . ."
05/30/2013 page 177
28.0% "I'm happy that I've almost hit 200 pages. The book is becoming increasingly interesting, but I have to admit, I wish I had more time to read it. *sighs* It is definitely good and brilliant, and unlike anything I've ever read which is cool."
06/04/2013 page 200
32.0% "♥"
09/18/2013 page 295
46.0% "Its slow going, but damn if this book isn't good . . . hellkin, the Weaver and now I'm in the red light district, OMG! This can only get saucier and more nasty but not in a good way LOL Loving it."
11/07/2013 page 365
57.0% "Damn but when this book picks up and gets going it doesn't stop."
06/05/2014 page 441
70.0% "I slog because I love. When I finish it, I plan to start it all over again. I think it will go faster the second go 'round."
12/10/2014 page 522
83.0% "Going to the gym I've started rereading this book. Hmm . . . the ending still eludes us. Now those villains are serious b****es. I love it but . . . c'mon, just how much must Grimnebulin lose?"
03/06/2015 marked as: read
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