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The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
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Nov 25, 10

bookshelves: paranormal
Read from November 15 to 25, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I don't know what to think. It was very good in parts, but the end really left me disappointed. I'd better make a list.

What I liked:

* Anya. I liked her better here than in her own book. The way she made Galen lose his composure at the end was a joy to read. I think that in few pages she made Gwen totally disappear.

* The Harpies as a species. They were tough, just and independent. I really hope we'll see more of them.

* Gideon's inner monologues. He surprised me: such sadness! I had never really understood his character until now. He feels useless because his demon doesn't seem to have a real purpose, and the facts that he can't speak what he means is depressing. His story is one I want to hear.

What I didn't like:

* I couldn't feel the chemistry between Gwen and Sabin, it seemed all very superficial and even repetitive. At one point of the story Sabin's demon, Doubt, was dismissed because it was afraid of Harpies. And I don't think the "consort" concept was thoroughly explained. I adored the moment when Sabin told Gwen of his weaknesses as a warrior: that was a true special moment, but the rest wasn't as memorable. OK, now I get it: they were so much inside their heads that we didn't truly enjoy their time together.

* What with all this torture??!!

* What's with Gwen letting his father Galen escape and no one being royally pissed off??!! The final confrontation was awful. It was like watching a tennis match where each player was playing to lose.

Well, I liked the side stories more than the main couple and disliked the end, but the writing is still light and funny, the world building remains interesting, so I'll read the next book.
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15.0% "A question is not an statement, so why does Gideon, the keeper of lies, have to lie when asking a question?"
25.0% "Mmmm, lame sub-plots. No one can sub-plot like JR Ward..."
42.0% "Shower scene."
62.0% "I like the Harpies, they kick ass :)"
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Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy Are you loving this one? I loved the Gena lOTU books.

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ I loved the first three, but I am not really enjoying this one. I think Doubt is not as compelling a demon as Violence, Death and Pain. mm Maddox, mmmm, Reyes, mmmmmmmmm Lucien

Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy Wait till you get to lies......my fav would have to be Reyes though. Yummy take charge demon

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Sharon (Simi) wrote: "Wait till you get to lies......my fav would have to be Reyes though. Yummy take charge demon"

I think Danika and Reyes were the best couple. I must confess that Anya got on my nerve a few times and I couldn't understand what was so special in Ashlin (Ashley? see, I even forgot her name).

Camilla I'm sorry it didnt do it for you, but I'm excitid that you're going to keep going.. Especially what you think of the next book... There's a new character, I want you to meet... Grrrr...

Camilla Wait.. I cant remember if she was in this one too.. :o/ So maybe you met her already..

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ OMG, I had totally forgotten the spoiler alert check!!!

The Angel with no name that touched Aeron's wings? Is she a good heroine? I liked him when he was dangerous and mean :)

Camilla No, its definitely not the Angel who touched him..

I just did a quick check, and it seems like you actually met the one I mean, in this book.. I hate that little b*tch so much, I've forgotten when she/it was first mentioned.. But I'm talking about what they call "Legion".. But she/it gets a lot more "air time" in the next couple of books.. Sadly..

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Legion was in Reyes' book and I don't remember if she was introduced in the second. Legion :-/ I don't know, I keep thinking of Gollum from LOTR. I am not interested in her AT ALL.

Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy I am with you. I hated Legion - not like Simi at all.

Camilla After this book, I wrote in my review that I hoped she got killed off, in the next book..

Yeah.. That didnt happen.. :o/ But you'll see I guess.. lol

@ Ehcstasy.. I was kinda scared when I first met Simi, if she would turn out to be another Legion, but she's definitely not.. lol

Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy Definitely not. I believe she is getting her own book. Can you imagine the crack up that will be.

Camilla Yeah, I read that too.. I seriosuly do not think I could read that book.. Her with a happy ever after??

God no...

Sharon (Simi) Ehcstasy Can you imagine what shenanigans she will get up to?

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