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The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks
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Sep 27, 10

The Darkest Hour was something completely unexpected from Maya Banks. The story is not erotic romance, its barely a romance story. I would call it… a relationship story. Its about a married couple, or rather a “barely” married couple (you’ll understand when you read it), who was separated when Rachel was captured and believed to be killed, Ethan has been sent into a deep depression brought on by a sense of guilt and he wakes up on the anniversary of her death to a anonymous note being delivered telling him that she is alive. After a process of retrieving Rachel its found out that she has significant memory loss, which is both a good and a bad thing for Rachel’s and Ethan’s relationship.

It was obvious that Ms. Banks researched Post traumatic stress disorders, military lingo, and some military strategy, kidnappings in drug cartels, and the like. That part of the suspense was done well. Not Jason Bourne, but well enough that it did not detract from the story, it explained the background and about what the make up of the teams were enough to allow us to see the individuals that make up the teams in the light that she wanted them presented. The suspense did its job. The story however was in the relationships.

Do not read this book thinking you are getting a typical Maya Banks story, the sex is at a minimum and this is not a story of courtship through hardship, This is a story about recovering a relationship as about simple recovery. You could almost call it fiction self-help. This is much more of a story about how two individuals can come back together after a relationship has essentially ended to make it work. The book became a little soap opera-eque at the end, I won’t ruin it but needless to say it was very Dallas meets Dynasty, As The World Turned. It didn’t ruin the story for me however.

The family dynamics and other characters are intriguing enough to keep you entertained and fill in the plot holes that could have been present. Its hard to do a recovery based romance story that has elements of familial drama without it becoming too muddled or too much. Ms. Banks manages to do it well.


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