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Waiting For Spring by R.J. Keller
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Oct 08, 2010

it was ok
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Read from September 26 to October 04, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I don't like the name Spring....End of story. Really, it IS the end of the story.

No, really, why didn't I love this book, with it's great idea and Halmarky sentiments?

Well obviously the name Spring at the end was pretty much an "Ew, thanks for trying to be one of those celebrities and name your child something fantastically retartded" I didn't like that the name had so much irony; with the title and the main theme of the book. Don't get me wrong, I love the theme thing, I love that the author took the renewal of spring and kind of ran with it and went through the whole book.

And the questions throughout the book was: How many times can these people have sex? and How many times can they drop the F bomb? Now don't get me wrong I know some people have sex non stop, some of them being prostitutes, not that Tess or Brian are Prostitutes--I'm just throwing that idea out there, and some people really do drop the f bomb like leaves during fall. I just got a little tired of it by the end of the book.

One other thing that bugged me was the predictability of the book. Oh, Tess and Brian have sex? Rachel ends up getting murdered and Brian goes into a black part in his life and breaks up with Tess, even though they're the only ones that the other is ever going to love? Now who that has seen a Lifetime/Halmark movie hasn't seen that coming?

What I did like about the book. The running theme of spring and renewal of numerous things and people, Tess being one of them. I do like that Tess found someone as stable as Brian, she needed him, even if he was quite a bit younger than her. I like that Brian wasn't necessarily corrupted by Tess. He came that way. I also like the different kinds of people that were in the novel, as predictable as they were at times.

I also liked that Tess was loyal to Rachel. Rachel needed someone to trust and that happened to be Tess. I don't know if Tess did the right thing necessarily but how am I to know, I haven't been in that situation.

Another thing that I liked was that Tess learned that not every relationship was crap. With her track record with her mother and her ex-husband, it would have been easy for her to give up on the human race all together, but she is a strong enough person to keep going and find someone, even if he was just sex to her at the beginning.

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