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Under the Blood Red Moon by Mina Hepsen
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Sep 26, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: historical-paranormal-romance
Read in October, 2008

Typical, predictable storytelling, nothing new or fun. Not entertaining enough.

Everything was too ordinary: characters, plot, events, and dialogue. Nothing surprised or delighted me. I was not drawn in emotionally. A couple events near the end annoyed me. There was one thing of interest, many famous sayings quoted throughout the book. In addition, on page 225 Angelica and Lord Jeffrey had a heated debate, throwing historical facts and famous sayings back and forth. That was the most interesting part for me, but not enough to recommend the book.

Alexander is the leader of a vampire clan. They can read and put thoughts into the minds of humans. They have a set of rules which state vampires must not drink blood from humans and must not hurt humans. A rogue vampire, Sergey, wants to start a war against humans and is killing them. Alexander and his group are looking for Sergey to stop him. Angelica is a human who reads thoughts. She meets Alexander and he teaches her how to block others' thoughts at will. She accidentally discovers that he and his group are vampires. Due to a recent financial setback, she needs to find a rich husband to support her and her brother.


I found it unsettling when the dialogue consisted of three people just saying the name Alexander as the primary conversation over three pages, excerpted below.

Page 313: Alexander was fighting Sergey. James said "Alexander?" Alexander said nothing and kept fighting. Sergey yelled "Alexander." They continued to fight. James said "Alexander." Alexander ignored him and walked to Angelica and said "Is she" as he held her. Margaret said "Alexander." He said nothing. Margaret again said "Alexander." Then Margaret pointed at a mark on Angelica's body saying "What is that?" She looked again and said "Alexander?" Alexander never responded or said anything back to these people saying his name. It felt odd.

I was also annoyed with the following event. There is danger, two killers are around. Angelica is at a party and decides she wants to be alone. She tells her brother she wants two minutes alone outside without a chaperone. He reluctantly says ok and leaves. She goes outside to a dark place where she won't be seen and is immediately kidnapped. I would have preferred seeing a kidnapper do something creative to get her, rather than her own stupidity placing herself in harms way.

Story length: 321 pages. Sexual language: none/mild. Number of sex scenes: 2. Length of sex scenes: 1.4 and 6.3 pages. Setting: 1871 London. Copyright: 2008. Genre: historical paranormal romance.

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