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Weddings Can Be Murder by Christie Craig
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Sep 25, 2010

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Read in May, 2009

Nice story, but I had a couple problems with it. He’s an unsympathetic jerk and too many cliffhanger scene interruptions.

Katie is engaged to be married in two weeks, but she doesn’t love him and sort-of-accidentally flushes her engagement ring down the toilet. She visits her wedding planner Tabitha. While there someone shoots Tabitha and chases Katie into a storage room. Earlier that day Tabitha called private detective Carl asking him to come over. Tabitha told him she suspected someone she knew was killing her client brides. Carl shows up while the killer is chasing Katie. Carl follows them into the storage room. The killer gets out and locks Carl and Katie inside. Katie discovers a zinging attraction for Carl that she never had with Joe, her fiancé. Meanwhile Joe discovers he’s attracted to someone other than Katie. Although Carl and Katie eventually get out of the room, Katie is at risk because she is next on the killer’s bride-to-kill list.

This was the author’s second book. It was ok – a nice story, but it wasn’t as feel good as the first book “Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.” Instead of anticipation, I was frustrated waiting for Carl and Katie to get together. Carl didn’t want a commitment because he didn’t want to be hurt, so he kept staying away from Katie. This hurt her. She felt rejected during most of the story. Finally in the end, Carl changes his mind. Conflict based on fear of being hurt is not a favorite device for me. Sometimes it works, but in this case it didn’t, maybe because I had no sympathy or other positive feelings for Carl. He was being a jerk throughout the story.

I was annoyed with the author using too many cliffhanger scene interruptions. There are two relationships developing between four people. The author has three pages of Carl and Katie interacting. Then at a crucial moment in the conversation the author switches to a scene with Joe for a couple pages. At a crucial moment in Joe’s scene, the author switches back to Carl’s scene to continue Carl’s conversation, yet leaves Carl’s scene later at another cliffhanger moment. This switching back and forth went on for more than 100 pages (while the relationships were developing). I prefer a scene continue to a normal conclusion rather than stopping at a point I feel is an interruption. I was jumping around in the book so I could read several of the Joe scenes before going back and picking up the interrupted Carl scenes. Cliffhangers may be ok sometimes in small doses, but there were too many in this book.

Katie is constantly fighting nausea and vomits a lot. At one point, page 138, I was thinking “I’m tired of reading about her throwing up.” This is a minor issue. The only reason I mention it is because the thought crossed my mind. It didn’t bother me earlier. Other readers may find it humorous.

Story length: 356 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: moderate/strong. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: 16. Setting: current day Houston, Texas. Copyright: 2008. Genre: romantic mystery.

For a list of my reviews of other Christie Craig books, see my 5 star review of “Divorced, Desperate and Delicious” posted 9/12/08.
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