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4 Bodies and a Funeral by Stephanie Bond
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Sep 25, 10

bookshelves: crime-solving-mystery
Read in April, 2009

This was labeled romantic suspense, but it had neither. It is a crime solving mystery that requires reading sequels.

This book was labeled romantic suspense, and the mislabeling is what bothers me the most. There was no suspense and no romance. At the beginning of the book, Carlotta is dating two men. A third man is interested, but she keeps that relationship platonic. At the end of the book, the dating situation is the same. There is no change or development in any relationship. I am also troubled that when I purchased the book, nothing told me that I would need to read sequels to finish it. This is the only book I’ve read in the series. I felt that I was stepping into the middle of a story and missing some things. I was angry at the end to find out that many mysteries and some character questions were unsolved and unfinished. Carlotta was involved with about seven mysteries in this book. I get the feeling that she is the lay person who will be solving most of the mysteries (Nancy Drew style) in future books. She solved one of them in this book. The other six are to be continued, which was unsatisfying and frustrating for me. I purchased this book as a preorder, before it was released. At that time, there were no customer reviews to warn me of the above. The Amazon Product Description also did not enlighten.

Readers who like crime solving mysteries might rate this 3 or more stars, but only if they are willing to buy all 6 books, two of which are not yet published (as of April, 2009). I took more notes than usual because there were so many characters to keep track of. A number of the characters were interesting, and I wanted to know more. I assume the various character stories will be further developed and wrapped up in future books.

Several years ago, Randolph and his wife ran off into hiding because Randolph was accused of a crime. Their two children, Carlotta and Wesley had to support themselves. Wesley is a genius at card games and computers. He’s addicted to pills and owes money to a couple of loan sharks. Coop was the medical examiner, fired for alcoholism. Now he transports dead bodies to the morgue. Carlotta works as a sales clerk for Neiman Marcus, but she enjoys working part time with Coop transporting bodies. Coop has some secrets. Some of the bodies Carlotta helps move have been killed by a serial killer. A psycho escaped from a mental institution and threatens Carlotta. Someone else may also be threatening Carlotta. Someone is trying to harm an Olympic runner who is endorsing the sale of charm bracelets for charity.

Carlotta’s romantic relationships consist of Coop, Peter and Jack. All three men want her. She is hesitant and goes back and forth among the three. She keeps things platonic with Coop. Jack is the police detective involved with most of these mysteries. They have sex occasionally, but he doesn’t want to settle down. Peter is wealthy and was Carlotta’s first love in high school. He broke up with her and married another woman who cheated on him and was murdered. Now he wants to marry Carlotta. She is dating him, but frequently leaves the dates early to join Coop on dead body calls.

Story length: 335 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: 3. Total number of sex scene pages: 3. Setting: current day Atlanta, Georgia. Copyright: 2009. Genre: crime solving mystery.

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