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A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley
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Sep 25, 2010

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Read from December 14 to 15, 2011



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12/14/2011 "I close my eyes. I like things better when I listen. Everything in the world’s got a voice; most people don’t hear hard enough is all."
12/14/2011 "I had the first line of a new song in my head. A song about a guy and a party and a smile. The words were in my mouth and the tune was in my blood, and it felt so loud"
12/14/2011 "We were the only three people awake in a world half asleep and the air felt heavy with maybe."
12/14/2011 "No one’s coming to save me from this place. That’s why I have to save myself, whatever it takes."
12/14/2011 "The thing most people don’t know about ghosts is that they travel inside and around you. Mum’s in my head and in the water and the rocks and the grass. She tells me how it was when she and Dad fell in love. How it felt when her mum and dad moved overseas and she missed them. How she found it hard to fit in sometimes."
12/14/2011 "I missed her so much nothing felt right anymore. I feel like we’re chasing each other. I’m chasing her to find the rest of myself and she’s chasing me to show me who I was meant to be."
12/14/2011 "“Hi, Mr. Duskin,” he says to Grandpa. “What’s up?” “Well, you just missed Charlie doing her sassy dance.” “He’s old,” I say, pulling out pasta. “Losing his mind.” “I wasn’t the one sassy dancing. What’s news with you, Dave?”"
12/14/2011 ""...What more do you want?” I want a whole lot more. I want someone to talk to. I want someone who can fix things when they’re broken. I want to scream and have someone come running down the hall in their slippers, out of breath with worry."
12/14/2011 "“He still misses your mother.” “I miss her, too.” “It’s a different kind of missing, though. You’re trying to remember, and he’s trying to forget.” “He’s forgetting me along with her.” He taps on the steering wheel. “Give him time.” “It’s been seven years.”"
12/14/2011 "“Sometimes it feels like Luke and Dave don’t hear me unless I’m talking about cars or sex or fish and chips. Mum doesn’t hear me unless I’m saying something she agrees with. But you listen to me.”"
12/14/2011 "“.. You could have been killed as well.” “Like you’d care.” “Are you a complete dickhead? Of course I care.” “I’m sorry I’m not as smart as you are. Not everyone can have a scholarship.” “I didn’t say you weren’t smart. I said you were stupid.” “I guess I’m too dumb to see the difference.”"
12/14/2011 "“Have you seen Dave today?” “This morning. That scary nurse with the mustache kicked me out.” “I’m visiting this afternoon if you want to go together. Two against one scary nurse with a mustache.” “Yeah, okay. Not sure two’ll be enough. It’s a big mustache.”"
12/14/2011 "“What are you doing?” Dave asks, opening his eyes. “I’m sitting here thinking about dead people.” “I like how you come in here to cheer me up.” “I like it, too.”"
12/14/2011 "“Once. He said, ‘What the fuck is “sock off”? Be a man and tell me to fuck off.’” “So did you tell him?” “No. Because that was the trap. There’s never time out for good behavior with ‘fuck off.’”"
12/14/2011 "“Boys are easy,” I say after my first kiss. “They’re kind of like guitars, without the strings.” “If I compared you to a car right now, Rose’d say I was insensitive.” “I think it’s time we said whatever it is we want.”"

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