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Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
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Sep 29, 2010

it was amazing
Read from September 24 to 29, 2010

Guns, drugs, pills, noose
Downward into the spiral where
my mother's ghost still haunts me.

Screaming my name out like contraband
as she tears me apart
into little lines of angel dust.

Flutter flutter down down
echoing off the walls
I try to escape her noise

Away from the target of make believe
out of the mouth of babes
the truth is always told

Falling falling
Closer closer until
I see the light.

Ok ok... that's my lame attempt at Free Verse lolz. But OMG!! This book spoke to me. It was a birthday gift from my bud Leila (who also got me Peeps). She got it for me because it deals with 3 kids who are at a rehab clinic for attempted suicide. ZO-MA-GAWD!! That is soo me!! Seriously lolz... if you have ever talked to me you totally know that's me :)

I absolutely LOVERED it!! IT's freaking brilliant!!

You have the druggy, the cutter, and even a gun slinger. Most awesome! The best of three worlds. And you get to go through their journey of correction.

Now, I have to admit that the 666 pages (EEE!! da DE-BIL!!) concerned me. I mean... Can I read a book that big? Not to worry!! It's basically a free verse poem every 2 pages. So, I would say the book was REALLY like 300 pages. It's not as LENGTHY as it looks ( cuz it looks like a tiny phone book lolz)

The cool part is how you get to hear from all 3 suicidal teens. I loved that!!

My favorite character (of course) was the cutter - Vanessa -

Here's my favorite line from her:

Something else can help,
the thing I crave
more than clarity. Self-
medication - of the most
critical, physical type.
I should wait until after
dinner. Can't go
to the table like Hansel
and Gretel, trailing crumbs
of red. Besides, waiting,
anticipating, can be the best part.

I totally think if you are in the mood for some real teen angst... then you should totally give this book a try :)
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09/24/2010 page 4
1.0% "I got this for my Bday from Leila."
09/25/2010 page 61
9.0% "I love how REAL this all is! I also am digging how it's done. Most awesome!"
09/28/2010 page 453
68.0% "I'm not sure how to comment on this book but it's really really cool!! If you dig poems related to suicide and darkness and you know... love me ;) You'll dig this book ;) It speaks to me :)"

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message 1: by AH (new)

AH Great review, Greta. I can't see myself reading verse for 600 pages.

Greta is Erikasbuddy Yeah, it's probably a bit out of some people's reading zone but it was right up my alley ;)

I have BURNED too ;) That's supposed to be the religious one ;) My virtual Mom is trying to save my soul lolz ;)

But you know ;)


I've got 3 books in line before that one :)

message 3: by Kristy (new) - added it

Kristy Is the whole book written in verse?? I've been wanting to read this, but I don't know if I could it!!!??!!

Greta is Erikasbuddy It's all in verse...

You should give it a try.

It looks REALLY REALLY long but there's only like maybe 15-20 lines per page (if that).. I bet the book would really be like 250 pages if it wasn't in verse.

It's really neat . It made be go WOW! But I dig stuff like that ;)

message 5: by Kristy (new) - added it

Kristy Hmmm, i think i will try it, give it a hundred or so pages to determine if I'm going to like it or not. It has gotten really good ratings!!!

Greta is Erikasbuddy It's really neat because you don't know what's going to happen next.

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