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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
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Mar 06, 12

Read from January 08 to February 28, 2012 — I own a copy

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2 1/2 rating

In 2010, I fell head over heels in love with a first book of a new trilogy coming out. It was about werewolves and was set in Denver and the cover was absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t already guessed it, that book was Nightshade by Andrea Cremer. It was the first book I’ve ever received in ARC format (which I didn’t realize was a THING at the time) and it generally made me excited.

Fast forward to January and February 2012. I had just bought Wolfsbane and despite its negative reviews, I thought I was going to enjoy it immensely. I was wrong.

Oh dear. OH DEAR. Wolfsbane, frankly, falls under the sophomore slump. While there are exciting scenes in this book, I fear that it’s more of a bridge until the final book. I’m still not sure about the tagline “how many trials can love survive?” (On the Goodreads cover, it’s different: “She must follow her instincts to find her heart.” STRANGE.) When I think back to the story, I find it horrifying. Is the second book REALLY supposed to be about love?

I don’t like Shay or Ren in this book. I hate that Shay gets PISSED OFF when Calla admits to loving Ren. I hate that Calla is torn between two guys. She fell in love with Shay in Nightshade, and now she’s regretting it in Wolfsbane. I think that Calla needs to suck it up and focus on being an alpha instead of loving two guys. While I am a romance junkie, sometimes the romance doesn't fit the characters. I don't think Calla should end with Ren or Shay, because the romance does NOT fit with these characters.

Oh, Calla. Calla. Despite Calla repeating that she is strong, she is the alpha, she comes off as weak in Wolfsbane. And it made me yell at the book every time she said that she was strong or the alpha “NO YOU ARE NOT.” Because if she were, she would ACT like she was.

Calla is also very dumb in this book. I know asking questions is one of the best ways to let the reader understand the world, but for the love of God, every time Calla said “huh?” or “I don’t understand.” I wanted to stab her. Especially since this happened in the first 100 pages of the novel, and then again in the last fifty or so when other werewolves show up. Oh man it was horrid. Very, very horrid. Let the reader understand the world, or strike out Calla not understanding and have her understand. Because now I think of Calla as a weak, stupid non-alpha wolf.

The minor characters are very 2-dimenseional and I still can’t separate them. They’re all just one big melted puddle in my head. Ethan and Connor are the Searchers-version of Mason and Nev. The fact that I just had to look in the book for the names of all four of those characters says something. Then there’s Sabine, Adne, and Bryn, who are all basically the same too. There’s also a whole cast of adult characters who bleed into one another in my head. I am tired of this! I do not like it when all the side characters are the same, and the main characters are somewhat different. (To me I think they’re all the same.)

The action scenes in this book are a bit off. It reads like Calla’s just standing there watching, and I don’t mean during their practices. Honestly, when there’s an action scene and people are fighting against their mortal enemies and want to KILL YOU, would you stand off to the side or would you be focused on fighting your opponent (although Calla never seemed to have one?) And even while she was standing off to the side, I was confused; I didn’t know what was going on because the wording was so clumsy and imagery fuzzy.

The ending bothered me a lot. There’s two pages near the end of the book that aren’t necessary; Adne just tells her life story while trying to get a ring from Calla. Yawn. I almost fell asleep during that part, and actually I just skipped it. I don’t feel as if I missed anything.

Bloodrose, book three, I’m guessing is another plot about saving your true love because Calla says this on the last page: “This is only about love.” Since I know how one character ends in Bloodrose, I’m already disappointed. A little over 400 pages of saving your lover and it ends like that? Tsk.

Unfortunately, I have purchased Bloodrose and will be reading it because I do not want my money to go to waste (and I’m such a sucker for pretty covers/books. Penguin’s design team gets an A+ for the overall look. So pretty.)

I enjoyed Wolfsbane, don’t get me wrong, but there was a whole lot of BAD that overshadowed the good. It took me at little over two months to finish Wolfsbane because right when I hit 50% read, I put it down and almost never picked it back up. The last 50% rushed by for me because I read it in a day.

Sadly, Wolfsbane doesn't compare to what I loved about Nightshade. I do wonder if Nightshade is as good as I thought it was, or if it fails lie Wolfsbane does. Since I've read the first, I've read more books and picked them apart. The hazards of being a critical reader.
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01/08/2012 page 1
0.0% "here i go. i have a feeling i'll hate it... so why oh why did i buy Bloodrose? x|"
01/08/2012 page 25
6.0% "why would you team with somebody who tried to kill you? :headdesk:" 4 comments
01/14/2012 page 73
19.0% "wait... i'm only 19% done? that's not even a quarter done! CRAP."
01/14/2012 page 80
21.0% "Only searchers can weave. got it... but Calla doesn't. omfg. also, i'm so tired of her saying "Huh?" that is one word i hate more than anything."
01/15/2012 page 133
34.0% "chapter eight: showing the world just how stupid Calla and Shay are."
01/15/2012 page 167
43.0% "I wouldn't have a problem with this book if Cremer didn't make Calla such an idiot. ""it's always the mother that matters." "Huh?" I frowned. Tess smiled. "Because the power of creation rests in women."" If Calla said that instead of Tess, I would've been impressed. But nooooo, raging idiots in YA is acceptable. Do teenagers LOOK dumb to you? The book nerds are very smart!"
01/16/2012 page 183
47.0% "oh, yeah, back to this one for a while. determined to finish it although all i want to do is throw it across the room and forget it even exists."
01/16/2012 page 191
49.0% "was that really a chapter full of action? WAS IT? or am i dreaming?"
01/16/2012 page 213
55.0% "oh, Calla. must you be so stupid? "I don't understand." "Huh?""
02/14/2012 page 213
55.0% "I totally intend to finish this book this month... I'm just not wanting to pick it back up. #UGH."
02/28/2012 page 353
91.0% "The world building is confusing at times...which is odd because you'd think I'd know since Calla asks for an explanation every five seconds."
02/28/2012 page 365
94.0% "Ugh. Calla, it was a fact. Don't be so horrified that your boy toy knows you love your other boy toy. Frankly I think you need to be this "alpha" you say you are and ditch both guys. Also, I just noticed the characters are very 2D. I can't tell a lot of the side characters apart."
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Tabitha Olson My thoughts exactly. :)

Ashelynn i am quickly understanding your review, Tabitha!

Megan (Book Brats) This cover is one of the reasons I haven't read the series yet - it's a complete turnoff! It's like the poster for Wolfbabes XXX, not a YA book.

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