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The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant
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Sep 24, 2010

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I couldn't get even 20 pages in. It wasn't horribly graphic (thankfully) but it *was* really sad and I just had to abandon ship in order to save my own heart. I'm so glad those dogs found homes and did well and I should rest in knowing that....


As I've gotten older, my threshold to read about the abuse of animals, or kids or people....has absolutely dissolved. Hell, even reading about the death of dogs. I can't do it, it seizes-up my heart and the sorrow of it just paralyzes me. So I'm hoping this is a happy book with more emphasis on the rehabilitation and love they get now...than their pasts and all of that sadness.

I mean...I'm the one who stopped reading "Marley and Me" right after they moved to Pennsylvania because Marley was getting old and I knew where that was headed. The good news there is that Marley's still alive in my head.

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message 1: by Robin (new)

Robin I am not sure i could have read this book either. I also wonder if Michael Vick is profiting off of it somehow.

message 2: by Big (new)

Big Al MV is definitely not profiting from this book. This book is about the dogs, primarily; he's only in it because he is the one who caused their suffering in the first place.

message 3: by Allison (last edited May 23, 2012 06:41AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Allison I'm with you ---- I can't even get 20 pages in. The description of how they destroy the dogs that can't fight are a bit graphic. If they weren't then they wouldn't tug at your heart so much.

MayberryAfterMidnight The beginning (obviously) is the worst part - if you can, I'd encourage you to try to get past it. Reading how hard the investigators worked to bring Vick and his 3 partners to justice and how hard the rescuers worked and continue to work to rehabilitate the dogs will restore your faith in humanity.

message 5: by Sc (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sc I'm at page 17 and I don't know if I can read anymore. Poor pups.

Kelly I too, had to stop reading. I'm not sure if I can continue....not sure my heart can handle the details.

Obna I know its really difficult to read at first, with all the abuse and violence, but once you get past it, the rest of the stories are so heartwarming and sweet. You get to read all these happy endings. So maybe skip the violent chapters because it's really worth it to read to the end.

Kristen I am not a crier. I rarely ever cry and by page 19 I was in tears, tossing the book down, and telling my fiance I couldn't handle it. However, I picked it back up the next night and pushed past it. While the beginning is difficult to read, the rest of the book will leave you crying happy tears for the most part. To read about those dogs getting rescued, going to new homes, and finally getting love and affection is heartwarming! Give it another try!

Jeanette Don't give up on this book. Forge through. It's worth it.

message 10: by Vanessa (new) - added it

Vanessa I've started the audio book and I really don't think I can finish it. Like you, the older I get the less I can handle these stories. I think you're review has convinced me that I don't have to finish it. Thanks.

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