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Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright
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Apr 20, 15

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As an unmistakable respite from the contemporary fiction that I typically read, I optimistically chose Kim Wright’s debut novel, LOVE IN MID-AIR. I completely immersed myself in a surprisingly interesting cache of characters unconstrained in their lucid display of similar and diverse views of love, marriage, friendship, and infidelity while attached to a suburban lifestyle which not only suggests privilege, but also ambiguity with respect to some of the mores that ordinarily unite or divide such a community.

Elyse Bearden’s life might appear quite appealing to the vast majority of women who would relish a lovely home replete with comforts and the financial security that her husband Phil, a dentist provides. Though secure in her social surroundings and a loving mother to her daughter Tory, Elyse’s personal discontent propels her into an unexpected, yet welcome opportunity for an affair with a fellow passenger, also married with a family, but sharing similar restlessness within the routine confines of his daily life. Gerry’s apparent affluence provides the rather sufficient means to travel hither and yon, thus affording both those highly desirable, yet unrealistic elements of anonymity and mystery.

“…I didn’t start calling my marriage a failure all at once. At first, I tried…There’s just the tiniest bit of hypocrisy around the whole issue---everyone agrees you should Work on Your Marriage, but if you’re ever caught actually Working on Your Marriage, you look ridiculous. And the only thing worse than being unhappily married is being ridiculous…” - Pages 50-51

Kim Wright’s insightful portrayal of Elyse’s tangible “angst,” is vividly authentic, and her instinctive ability to quickly tug the reader through the pages to discover how this circuitous plot will expose the unfaithful wife, affect the requisite resentful friend, possibly enlighten the painfully clueless husband, and reveal the unavoidable dichotomy that marriage often engenders. We also examine some of the indefinable aspects that husbands and wives judge as happiness and hindrance within the often inflexible framework of marriage. With considerable wit and zesty humorous episodes to divert us, almost voyeuristic in our scrutiny, we commiserate and share the immeasurable fluctuations through the characters’ life experiences, expectations, and personal introspections. While the primary focus is on Elyse, it would not be the impressive narrative it is without her circle of friends and their husbands, especially her closest friend Kelly.

“When I was a teenager my grandmother used to tell me, ‘You marry the man, you marry the life,’ and it seems to me logical, perfectly ordinary karma, that the reverse is also true. If I leave this man then I must leave this life…” - Page 181

Elyse’s ultimate journey clearly reminds us that often a woman’s primary quest for fulfillment, self-indulgence, or that intangible “what if,” outside the context of family has the power to leave a path of destruction in its wake. For those who define infidelity as an unacceptable moral or selfish choice, this may not be a desirable read. Personally, I believe such decisions and their consequences belong to the person who makes and lives with them, and I do not profess to judge. In this vein, Kim Wright is remarkable in expressing the characters’ various points of view without meandering prose, compelling behavioral excuses, or blameless justifications. As readers, we are encouraged to draw our own conclusions which tend to rely upon our own mores, life experiences, and personal values. LOVE IN MID-AIR may not be a book for everyone, but it definitely is one that captures you from beginning to end.
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message 1: by Debby (new)

Debby Great review Irene! Thanks for the heads up about this book.
For personal reasons, I don't think this would be a book I'd benefit from reading but i do appreciate your very well written review!

Irene Thank you, Debbie! As soon as I catch up, I will be back to "Scrabble." Miss all of you!

message 3: by Debby (new)

Debby I've missed you too and thought several times of dropping you a message to say Hey and see how things are going with you. Unfortunately I did not follow through on my thought and I do apologize for that. Just know you have been thought of often!
I haven't been getting on Scrabble as much as I have in the past, Life here is also on the chaotic side. But I have missed your input when i do log on and look forward to when you can join in again!

Keep up the great reviews and book recommendaions!

message 4: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Irene, I never thought this would be a book for me, BUT after reading your review, I did add it! Thanks!

Irene Thank you, Chrissie! Kim Wright is an author to watch.

message 6: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Irene, oh you are on line! I just read a snippet at B&N and I was immediately caught..... I am a sucker for some writing styles. I usually know immediately if the writing will work for me! I am so surpirised about adding this book! But why not?

message 7: by Debby (last edited Jun 03, 2011 05:20PM) (new)

Debby Very compelling review Irene! I've got it on my life of books to find in an audio format. I love reading debut novels by good authors!

How are you doing? I think of you often. Dad has his right knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and i'll be with mom while he's in the hospital. Currently she seems to be doing pretty well. I do know she's very glad to be home after being in FL for 5 months.
God bless you and uphold you friend!!

message 8: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Wright Thanks so much for the review, Irene!

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