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Arguing with Idiots by Glenn Beck
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Sep 22, 2010

it was amazing

Any of you who have read reviews by me of other political type or current events books will not be surprised at my rating of this book. The answers given are to actual questions and objections to (here's that evil word) "Conservative" ideas and stances that I've heard given.

Yes, this is Glenn Beck....yes some of it is played for laughs....yes when you write a book containing a fictional dialogue or debate you get to put the words in your opponents mouth. All true. Still, it's a good book and the questions are legit.

I will not go into them here as it will undoubtedly start a fire storm in the comments section (as I've seen before) if anyone who disagrees with me actually bothers to comment...check out the topics in the book.

Now, I know many will get angry at first, you'll want to shout back at the book feeling that the question was phrased in a "stacked deck" way and that you have an objection to the answer/answers given that the writer has overlooked. But if you're willing to give the book the chance, keep reading. In each topic he/they tries to answer an initial question and then deal with any overlooked objections.

By the way, while the audio will be good for more laughs...it will also probably infuriate you more if you're starting out feeling that you're going to disagree with anything said anyway... so just a heads up.

I enjoyed it....found it informative, at times depressing and also at other times humorous. I'll go 5 on this one...

By the way, no matter how you feel about the book, if you plan to talk about it or judge it please find out more than the TV news person who reported that Glenn Beck is on the front of the book in a "Nazi-like uniform". Beck is dressed as a Soviet Commissar. Just so every one knows.
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message 1: by Noetic_Hatter (new)

Noetic_Hatter Good overview. It's true that Beck gets to stack the deck with his presentation of the Liberal comments. And he tends to oversimplify them.

But my experience in that world shows me that the "idiot" comments are generally accurate to what's being said. At least in the first 80 pages, which is as far as I am.

Mike (the Paladin) I like Beck pretty well, but went into this prepared for some problems, precisely because of what I mentioned. He gets to lay out the questions and answer them. But I really believe he did a good job laying out the objections that would be raised.

message 3: by Lola (new)

Lola I always thought Glenn Beck's current tv personality is just for show. I mean he wasn't always this nutty before he had his own show. He was fairly moderate. And then when he had his own show, boom, comes in nutty glenn beck. I suspect in real life, he's a fairly moderate person on the political spectrum and he's just doing all that exaggeration for money. The real scary thing is when people watching his show actually doesn't think he's exaggerating....

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